Russia, Syria decided to flash!

Posted on August 26, 2013


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, foreign intervention in Syria, even if the country does not intend to fight with anyone, he said.
England must not be argued that the decision of the UN Security Council to intervene.
The United States announced that it will move with the international community.
France and Germany support gave the signal. Stated that Russia will not enter the war
Moscow ‘also in Syria, Lavrov held a press conference on the developments, ” Syria without foreign intervention UN resolution if Russia is ready to respond to this military? ” To the question, “In Russia, even in the event of military intervention in Syria to anyone not intend to fight, “replied.

Lavrov, NATO ‘s Syria military operations are extremely dangerous and alarming rhetoric stating that you can do, “Western counterparts, try to solve the Syrian civil war, sectarian and ethnic descriptions of solutions to the problems they do without foreign intervention. ‘What’s your plan?’ he asked, do not give a comprehensive answer, “he said.

Russian minister of the United Nations (UN) Security Council ‘s decision, without any use of force, is completely contrary to international law, he said.

“Must not repeat the mistakes made in the past”

Lavrov military intervention in Syria discourses of Western countries G-8 summit held in Lough Erne’de attitude is expressed as a conflict with the agreement reached, the solution of the crisis in Syria made mistakes to be careful and not to repeat the past called on the international.

Geneva -2 opponents arguing that the major obstacle to the organization of the Conference Lavrov, “Asad management a long time ago no name opponents in spite of the Geneva-2 did not participate in the description. outs, but I do not know their sporsorlarından put forward as to what are the signals pre- Assad brings some questions to mind the requirement to have to go, “he said.

On the other hand, Lavrov, U.S. State Secretary John Kerry during a telephone conversation on Sunday, Washington ‘s opposition Geneva, said they would press for two to attend the Conference without precondition, he said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, in his most recent statement, ‘the use of chemical weapons in Syria should be answered in a week’, he said. Britain ‘air operation, no-fly zone supported by the establishment or the militarization of the rebels’ said.

U.S. and its allies to support the Assad regime during the Security Council will make a decision in China and Russia are concerned about is using the right of veto.

France ‘not considered the only option,’ doing something ‘

France made a decision yet about the military intervention against Syria alımadığını, but all options are on the table, he said.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Europe 1 radio said, “you must be a response to the proportional response should be given to how to be decided in a few days …” he said.

Fabius, all options are on the table, the only option is not considered a “do nothing,” he said.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: President wants the army prepared to respond

Syria civil war constantly refused the option of military intervention during the Obama administration is reviewing its options after strong evidence for the use of chemical weapons.

President Barack Obama ‘s, for steps to be taken in motion stated that the intelligence units, Washington, explained that the allied countries at the reviews on steps that can be taken.

Speaking after the meeting, Obama said yesterday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel advisors, “The President wants our army is ready for military intervention,” he said.

Hagel announced today that they will act with the international community on Syria.

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