Former journalist CNN: CNN gets money from the government to spread lies against Syria and Iran

Posted on August 26, 2013


Prominent journalist and former CNN correspondent Amber Lyon has once again stressed that the U.S. popular media networks organized propaganda against Syria and Iran.
Remember, Amber Lyon came into the focus of international events when resigned after recording material of protests in Bahrain that CNN refused to broadcast on its international channel because it is at the same time authorities in Bahrain funded by CNN’s commercial activities.

The latest commentary pointed out that while working on CNN often received orders to include false news or expel specific information that is not approved by the U.S. administration, with the aim of shaping public opinion toward supporting the offensive against Iran and Syria.

Of course, these things are already known from before, it is enough to mention the track channel so that it becomes obvious that the same number of ways to manipulate the content to be presented to the public exclusively pro-American geostrategic interests.

Demonization of Syria and Iran, as well as other “non-eligible” countries, is an everyday occurrence on CNN, but the information so far released Lyon just further confirm the model of which are created and broadcast propaganda news on this, still, very influential international channels.

“This is very dangerous for the American public because they do not provide accurate information and do not give the true picture of our foreign policy,” said Lyon, adding that CNN gets money from the U.S. administration and other countries and accordingly therefore tailor news to interest them.


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