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Posted on August 25, 2013


August 24, 2013 Leo Grottoes


The Meeting ended with the dramatic testimony of Christians in Syria: “Groups of extremists have come to process and beheaded a statue of Our Lady

Leggi di Più: Meeting, Syria: “We Christians back to the catacombs»
Rimini (from our correspondent at the Meeting.) “If foreigners fighting in Syria they left, peace would return in 48 hours. As Christians, we are back to an era catacombs. ” So when describing the final meeting of the XXXIV edition of the Meeting, the situation of the Middle Eastern country, which for over two years is battered by a civil war that has claimed more than 100,000 dead and two and a half million refugees, Antranig Ayvazian, the spiritual leader of the Armenian Catholics of Upper Mesopotamia, Northern Syria. “All of our churches in various cities of Syria are destroyed, the faithful come to me in the night to receive the sacraments.”

A COUNTRY TOLERANT. “I was born in Syria,” says Father Antranig, “and went to school during childhood and put together to Muslims and Jews. Our country has always been open and welcoming and the best memory I have of my childhood is when it came to the Jewish Passover, because a friend of my brother came home and we took the unleavened bread, which we ate in quantity. ” Then, in 2011, began the Arab Spring, “the creative chaos’, which has also hit Syria. “They say that in our country there are so many justices and it is true. But I ask: where are not there? And now we are here to ask the question: where are our bishops and priests kidnapped? Nobody knows. What the UN does for us? ‘.

“Extirpate the infidels.” While Antranig father tells extremists and terrorists linked to al-Qaeda fighting in Syria shows photos of destroyed churches and statues decapitated. “I’ve met several of them, I asked him what they wanted from us, they did not speak either Arabic, and they replied:” We have been entrusted with the task of restoring these lands to Islam. We need to root out and kill and destroy this country from the infidels. ‘” And again: “In one of the cities where we lived before they destroyed all the churches, the classroom dedicated to young people has become a Sharia court. Here you have tried a crucifix made of metal and have it destroyed. ”

Syrian-madonna statue

THE PROCESS TO OUR LADY. Particularly impressive description of the process by Islamic extremists to a statue of the Virgin Mary: “Because I was not entirely covered by the veil found it guilty and shot. Then, seeing that they considered idolatrous image, they beheaded. ” Already 562,000 Christians have left Syria “and do not know where to go.” The refugees, especially in Lebanon, are rescued thanks to the support of Aid to the Church in Need, as pointed out by Massimo Ilardo, director of the papal Italian opera: “Since the conflict have given a million and 100 thousand euro to the Syrians in difficulty, almost as much as in Iraq ten years. We help bishops and offer financial support through the diocese. I say to all, however, that in addition to the financial support needed the support of prayer, because if there’s one thing that we all ask is this: “Pray for us. ‘”

HELP JESUIT. War in Syria has also created the “three and a half million displaced inside the country who do not know where to live. In general there is an emergency work and the Christians, being the most vulnerable, suffering more than all other Syrians. ” There to help them survive the Jesuit Refugee Service, headed for the Middle East and North Africa, Nawras Sammour, spoke at the meeting: “We serve 17,000 families in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs. Let’s canteen service and medical care for more than 12 thousand people. About 80 percent of those we help are Muslim, the remaining Christians. Unfortunately, today the radical groups and extremists have more weapons and are the strongest but as long as there is no God we can not say that all is lost, Christianity is the adventure of the cross. ”

“THE CROSS WILL WIN.” He echoed his words still Antranig father, “John Paul II, paid a visit to the country, said:” It is God who protects Syria. ” We Christians must be witnesses to the truth, the cross will win in the end. That’s why we are not afraid, come back here because we love this land and we cry, we know to be martyrs but here we have our only refuge. We have faith and pray for Syria because, as the Pope says, “To believe is to rely on a merciful love. ‘”
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