Shooting. The recognition by the U.S. President is due to his success in the competitions among American college

Posted on August 25, 2013


Appiano. I do not necessarily have to be the heads of state, to be received at the White House by the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Even, you can go under its value of “sniper” with the rifle … Quiet, no breakthrough warmongering from Washington, the reality is that Petra Zublasing, shooter of Appiano, in September (date still to be determined) will have the honor of being rewarded by one of the most powerful men in the world, in the halls of the White House at number 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. Why Petra will cross the gates of the official residence of the American President? The reason is simple: the twenty-four South Tyrolean specialist rifle is the reigning NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, the association of colleges and universities in the United States. Zublasing enrolled at West Virginia University in Morgantown and is about to finish his studies in engineering.

“What will I say to Obama? What has he done well to change the health care system … The reality is that it will be very nice to be able to enter the White House, which normally only see from a distance, “Petra told us, that since 2009 has engaged the Florentine Niccolò Campriani, the London 2012 Olympic champion in the specialty of the rifle three positions. “I will tell him also – adds – that are in favor of gun control. It is unacceptable that any person can keep guns in the house. At the party for the NCAA title and on other occasions, people have come to me with shotguns to make them his autograph and told me that kept them under the bed. Honestly is not a good thing. ”

The season still going for Zublasing was definitely the best because, in addition to the victory in the World Cup in Granada in the specialty of the three positions, has hit both medals at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin which Europeans to pull focus of Osijek. Petra was also recently elected to the newly established commission athletes of the European Confederation of shooting ESC.

On the occasion of the exhibition open to countries that overlook the Mediterranean basin, Petra and Nicholas had won the medal on the same day. “Among us there is competition but let’s remember that in the end, has to do a good performance. And if you do, there’s also the results – the athlete out of the Carabinieri Sports Centre with Campriani, when the couple is in South Tyrol, lives in San Michele Appiano -. For now nothing wedding nor children. If I had that I’d get shot because they would learn to know yourself better. First, however, I did a sport more dynamic. ”

In the last period the contacts between Petra and Nicholas were especially via Skype because she has remained in West Virginia while he, after graduation, he moved to Sheffield in Great Britain to attend a master, where he studied the various types of bullets race.

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