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Posted on August 25, 2013


August 23, 2013 Editorial
A Karon, India, a priest and two nuns were beaten by about 150 people. In Hainan, China, the government has stolen land for the construction of a church

Drafting, taken from – Do not stop the violence in the world to the Christian faithful. In recent days, came more than a story of savage attacks on priests, nuns and lay people. The first case occurred in India, precisely in Karon (Jharkhand). There – the news agency AsiaNews – two days ago, a Jesuit priest and two nuns, operating since 2004 in a Catholic mission with tribal Santal, were insulted and beaten by about 150 people. The violence was apparently sparked by the death of a 7 year old boy, who was staying in the hostel run by the Catholic Church. On 2 August, the accused child severe pain in the stomach, much to worry about the missionaries who have rushed to the local hospital, where he died of a cardiac arrest, as determined by doctors. The body of the child was reported by the priest and the nuns in his native village, in the district of Chittaranjan (West Bengal). The people, enraged, they first held the Catholics, then let them go.

It tells the Jesuit Father Michael Panimegam, director of the mission, told AsiaNews: “We had asked them a new meeting and August 18 occurred about 150 people, including the child’s parents. Shortly after beginning his father came up and slapped me. From there, others have started to break the windows, destroying furniture, and the mother took to beat me. ”

Over 60 women have attacked Sister Sahaya, dean of the school of the mission, pulling her hair and clothes, and then malmenandola, says the priest. The intervention of the police dispersed hundreds of people. One of the priests present at the time of the attack, his father Salomon, suffered injuries to his head. As if that were not enough, the group, before leaving, he asked for a compensation of 1 million rupees, the missionaries, however, did not accept.

I suspect that the mission of the Jesuits to stir up the community, relying on the pain of loss, were the radical Hindu groups Sawayamsevak Rashtriya Sangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal. “Pardon my assailants – said father always told AsiaNews Panimegam – and by the grace of God and his Spirit will continue to serve this community Santal through the educational mission of the Jesuits.”

VIOLENCE IN CHINA. A similar case of violence against Christians took place then in the Chinese county of Lincheng in the southern province of Hainan. A team of “thugs” and government officials on the morning of 13 August, savagely beat a group of Christians who tried to prevent the theft of land on which their church was to be built. Two women have ended up in a coma and among the injured there are also elderly and children. The incident was confirmed, after about a week, the group China Aid, which monitors the situation of human rights and civil rights in China. As reported by AsiaNews, the Christian community of Lingao asked the police to intervene, but the agents during the raid were watching. Indeed, the courts have refused to open an investigation into what happened.

Local sources said that the clash was born after the local government has sold some industrial land previously purchased by the community of the faithful. The hope was to build a church on that land where people can meet and gather in prayer. The government, however, has acted in secret. Until the arrival of the bulldozers that wanted to open a construction site, no one had received nothing. The claim to open at a construction site, some members protested, only to be attacked heavily.

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