Syria: The U.S. Navy deploys a fourth destroyer in the Mediterranean

Posted on August 24, 2013


Damascus accuses the rebels of using chemical weapons
RELEASE DATE: 25-08-2013 | 0:00
A fourth destroyer equipped with cruise missiles was deployed by the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean after new allegations of use of chemical weapons in Syria, told AFP on Friday a U.S. defense official. The sixth American fleet, responsible for the Mediterranean, decided to leave the area on USS Mahan, originally scheduled to return to its homeport of Norfolk on the U.S. east coast and be replaced by the USS Ramage. In total, four destroyers – the Gravely, Barry, the Mahan and Ramage – all with dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles, against the usual three, so will cross the Mediterranean.
According to the same source, this reinforcement allows the Pentagon, which was updated in military action plans in Syria, to act sooner if Barack Obama ordered an intervention. On the other hand, Jordan will host in the coming days an international military meeting to consider including the impact of the conflict in Syria, announced yesterday a Jordanian official, quoted by the official news agency Petra. This meeting will bring together the chiefs of staff of several Western and Muslim countries including those of the United States and Saudi Arabia is at the invitation of Chief of Staff Mohamed el-Jordanian Meshaal and Zeben the head of Centcom, the U.S. commander in charge of 20 countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, General Lloyd Austin, the official command of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Damascus accuses the rebels of using chemical weapons
The Syrian authorities have accused yesterday rebel groups have used chemical weapons in the fighting in the capital Damascus, according to official media. “An army unit encircles an area of ​​Jobar where terrorists have used chemical weapons,” state television reported, saying that “soldiers were injured after inhaling toxic gases and some of them are in a critical state. ” Located on the outskirts of Damascus, Jobar neighborhood is controlled by rebels and regime forces trying to take it back. “Heavy fighting broke out in the area of ​​Jobar where army units are preparing to launch an offensive to retake the area,” according to the television.

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