Posted on August 24, 2013


Pure creation of Qatar with the blessing of Morocco, Mujao a single target for Algeria.
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, this disciple of the AIS, former GSPC emir who announced her divorce from Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb to create its own organization “signatories by blood” and the terrorist organization Movement for the union and Jihad in West Africa (Mujao) claiming a dissent of the nebula have proclaimed their merger last Thursday. As sinister one than the other, both teams are responsible for several terrorist acts and their assets related crimes hostage. The new union has now given birth to yet another criminal organization, known as El Mourabitoune says the Nouakchott Information Agency NNA, referring to a press Mokhtar Belmokhtar.
El Mourabitoune announcement already, its subcontractor for Al Qaeda currently under the command of Aymen Al-Zawahiri. The agency refers to this:
“We reaffirm our commitment and loyalty to Sheikh Aymen Al Zawahiri and we reiterate our commitment to the jihadi doctrine developed by the martyr Osama bin Laden.” For many savvy strategists, the birth of this new terrorist training is not surprising that, according to their estimates, give birth in the future to other organizations still subversive. This coincides with two events. The first was the starting price of the head of MBM by the Americans. Since last June, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, this disciple mercenary AIS became the most wanted man in the world. His head was a price by the United States of America, as well as the head of the Nigerian criminal organization Boko Haram. In total, $ 23 million for information leading to the arrest of two terrorist leaders. By itself, MBM is worth five million dollars. After the failure of negotiations for his surrender, the infamous MBM resumed his subversive activities of smugglers, but also terrorist leader. Undisciplined, MBM has never obeyed that logic. His differences with the leaders of the GSPC, Hassen Hattab Abderezzak El Para and the current Emir Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Abdelmalek Droukdel have only feed the idea of ​​creating an independent training he finally tell the end of 2012. The second element coinciding with the merger due to the security situation, especially at the Algerian border in the south, southeast and east. The two organizations which activated each in turn had to unite to better hit. The signatories of the blood led by MBM has been significantly weakened since the attack against a gas based Tiguentourine where the whole group acting under his who had attempted the largest hostage taking, history has been completely wiped . As dead and buried by many sources, including the Chadian President, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, his nom de guerre Abu Khaled Al Abbes, recalled he was still alive so explosive in attacking the gas complex of Tiguentourine, January 16. This bloodthirsty leader organize two suicide bombings in Niger, where he had been given up for dead. No longer able to provide operations, it comes into contact with some officials Mujao, an organization of dubious origin since emerged in the shadow of the NATO war against Libya territory Moroccan. It will therefore decided to combine the two teams to achieve certain objectives including economic interests. For our sources, it is Algeria which is covered by this subversive symbiosis, which is why the return to full alert at borders East which forced the Command Staff to send more reinforcements and dispatch senior military officers to conduct an inspection of the device prepared by the GGF in depth.Although the press MBM seeks to distract wanting to believe that this is the Sahel is concerned, our sources have anticipated all security issues by applying a prevention strategy. Pure creation of Qatar with the blessing of Morocco, Mujao a single target for Algeria. This new union competes with the installation of the new president of Mali and a gradual return to political activity in Mali. A country that has experienced a war on terrorism without images, conducted by the French army, sucks with the new head of state to return to the same relative peace. Nevertheless, the new organization named its leader is still unknown and whose sinister MBM say: “We believe it is time to leave the leadership of the jihad project to the new generation,” was not created to nothing. It is intended as a devastating according to our sources, which must be addressed by all countries of the Sahel.

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