Espionage transparent

Posted on August 24, 2013


José Goulão |
August 22, 2013
President Barack Obama is a creative. Creates civil wars, dismembers countries, foster coups, the first being to wash their hands of the consequences is an addict of new technologies, as evidenced by the fact that a record number of presidential extrajudicial drone thanks to the airplane without pilot – one of the wonders of modern times
There were also those who deluded with the election of Obama, believing in the miracle of having someone come out with good intentions, a political class which abound malefactors of all kinds. To not be fooled again, I leave you a tip that looks like a primary standard evaluation but has a chance to hit 100 percent.
A U.S. president is always a president of the United States, regardless of gender, skin color, political party that is registered, provided that it is democratic or republican – others do not have, that this sentence has been globalizing , as we know. And since U.S. President Obama does what his predecessors, one after the other, did: serve the military industrial complex, Eisenhower defined as knowing full well what he was talking about, because it was the one who spent more time in the White House.
And if, by chance, a president leads the dark power of the simple feeling that can come out of the shafts, remember Fitzegerald John Kennedy, on whose death is a truth that is worth as much as the official version bushista the attack of 11 September 2001. The latest example of the creativity of Obama and his team of advisors is the answer to the debacle caused by the termination of the spy network global citizens, businesses and governments assembled for calls security agencies, branches of such grim power centers conspiracy experts baptized in terrorism as “terrorism”.
“Espionage transparent,” he says. That is, yes sir, we are spying on you, is for your sake, but from now on you are to know that they are being spied upon, our democratic mechanisms of control are going to follow everything closely and therefore only have to behave well because we do everything within the law.
Espionage is so transparent a sort of equivalent to the concept of practicing terrorism calling it “anti-terrorism”, even if using more than known groups as terrorists.
Espionage is transparent like torture done with surgical instruments properly sterilized or censorship that the censors settle gently alongside journalists explaining why this or that will suppressing their texts and images.
Espionage is transparent in the background, as coups made in the name of democracy when you need to fix democracy because election results run counter to what befits those who, with Obama at the head, were anointed by the power to decide who is or is not Democrat.
Espionage is clear, therefore, a pillar of this bright and also transparent building global democracy. So everything is explained. Glad that aides to President Obama squeezed the meninges to offer us as farsighted concept

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