Dolphins and whales commit suicide en masse

Posted on August 23, 2013


Frequent reports that dolphins, orcas and whales throw themselves on the banks and committed suicide.
American scientists have sounded the alarm – in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia this year on the beaches found 228 dead dolphins.

By the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Studies USA (NOAA) said that these figures many times the average and maximum performance for the past 26 years. For comparison, the entire 2012 found 111 marine mammal stranded shores.

Management considers it necessary to conduct a special investigation as comforting statistic may be the result of a serious environmental catastrophe that poses a risk to health and life.

Ended up on the shore, dolphins can no longer return to the ocean without help and die within hours. Usually on land ends up old, sick or injured animals. Scientists believe that the anomalous behavior may be associated with infection.

“In connection with the rapid increase in the number of throws on the shores dolphins in the last two weeks and that the dead animals are found in large areas, the most probable cause is an infection, but we are considering other options – says representative NOAA. – Carry out analysis of tissue samples from dolphins to determine whether they have suffered. ”

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