Obama calls for a plan for military intervention in Egypt

Posted on August 20, 2013


A report leaked that the Pentagon submitted a report to President Barack Obama about the situation of Egypt, said analysts, the Pentagon, the U.S. president is trying at any cost before the end of summer military intervention in Egypt means that there will be suicide, military, and will not alter the facts on the ground for for the Middle East, but it may lead to further damage to the interests of the United States and other parts of the world – according to Egypt News Network -.

has asked the Obama administration to prepare a position estimate on scenarios of military intervention on the ground, according to new data working on the U.S. administration, and make the U.S. military intervention on the ground in accordance with internationally acceptable and compatible with the Charter of the United Nations and with the support of them.

The report leaked to the U.S. side informed the Brotherhood بتصوراتهم to act in accordance with them; for proceeding according to their mechanisms Brotherhood and supporters of the Salafist movement, centered plan to interfere with the U.S. military to move on three axes first: an extension of the protest in Cairo and make it more defensible and more expensive mankind for silver which allows the U.S. administration to blame the administration in Egypt when casualties with receipt image as the Muslim Brotherhood majority that overturned the army on them, and subjected to a wave of hatred highly of the Egyptian people, it may cause in the process of extermination popular backed by the army and the state apparatus, which requires rapid intervention under the pretext of preventing the qualifying processes bloodiest.

the second axis of the plan is to press hard on the southern part of Egypt, and to carry out against Christians targeted at their homes and places of worship broadly in multiple places, provided that it is clear that the doing so is not belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood trapped in Cairo but hardline Salafi movement, which also calls for action to protect religious minorities in Egypt under the declining role of the state, even if not asked Christians it.

third axis is to expand scope of operations in the Sinai and the practice of “harassment military” on the Israeli border, and conduct show of force that should reach a climax, and do anything that would threaten the safety of navigation in the Suez Canal, and exposure – at the same time – for peacekeeping forces in Sinai and they will demand بتعزيزها Based on it.

According to the leaked U.S. plan, three Vamahor if carried out professionally and gained enough media coverage, Egyptian issue will find its way to the United Nations quickly, and then can measure many of the events, which he described as “media-dimensional “It can accordingly issuing a series of decisions penalties toward Egypt, ending military intervention on the ground.

The report pointed to the presence of two options to enter the U.S. military in Egypt, the first: to intervene as an intermediary between the stream of political Islam and the state, and play the role of mediator guarantor, such as the role played by the United States between Egypt and Israel, which requires the existence of mechanisms to ensure that on the ground, any forces control under the flag of the United Nations, and the main points of the success of that option and a willingness the Egyptian government or parties inside to give the United States the opportunity to play that role and passes popularly .

second option is to move in the event of failure of the U.S. administration loyalists within the Egyptian government to give a chance to the success of the first perception, and therefore the focus will be on what is happening on Egyptian territory from all sides, and the prevalence of chaos in the protection of minorities and the protection of religious followers Islamic trend, and control the violence in the Sinai and on the banks of the canal, and in that case will be available – according to the approval of the international will – to intervene on the ground in Egypt.

and enhances the success of the Muslim Brotherhood in mobilizing demonstrations in front of the White House and successes media in the United States.
has cited the Pentagon report leaked catastrophic consequences for U.S. policy if implemented this scenario, which form a great shock for the Obama administration, mass media and members of the U.S. Congress, and considered management as a form of pressure the Pentagon to the U.S. president, for during all did any military action against the crisis.

Pentagon report that he took Obama spoke about the specific data and are very realistic, and the average age came to the Egyptians, especially among males, and select the number who are able to carry weapons inside Egypt with ten million males, and already more than six million of them practice Accordingly, within the compulsory military service in the Egyptian army, and touched the report of the types of weapons that Egyptians can be obtained outside the scope of the law, explaining that there is no longer a monopoly of arms in Egypt, especially after the leak weapons Libyan army to Egypt, and many Egyptians are able to get a weapon, whether purchased or access to which types manufactured locally will be the harmonization of the uses of individuals in the face of the regular forces, but they will sign a lot of losses.

The report pointed out that if the Americans move under the banner of the protection of minorities and the oppressed – including current political Islam – the it might be provocative extremely sectors violent of the Egyptian people have maintained their silence until the moment, but it may lose U.S. administration allies of Islamists on the ground in a wave filter physically very violent, can not intervene where one of both Egyptian security forces or even the forces that will work under the flag of the United United.

The report added: that if the Egyptian army came out of the equation, it will not change much, the Egyptian army is trained a lot over the past year on guerrilla warfare techniques and the wars of the cities, and work within the conditions do not guarantee the ability to communicate with leaders through conventional means, has during the last few years to increase the number of special forces of all kinds, which means that if America decided to painful strikes on command and control systems, it would mean the possibility of America keep its troops on earth.

The report stressed that in the case of the output of the Egyptian army from the equation they would be in the face of more currents leftist radical and growth during the past decades, and those currents did not express themselves so far only in some clashes, but it will attract a lot of age groups, young and would represent an existential threat to American troops in every moment , and will be supported by many Egyptians “logistical” succumbed to a speech that the current religious cause in the occupation of the state, which deepens the hatred on the one hand and increase the popularity of these currents in terms of other.

The report pointed out that the Egyptians will be able to – without relying on Army – to exercise the war against the existence of any military forces of order there over time and an unlimited period, there will be no place can be dealt with as a (green area) and even the Sinai Peninsula will Ttahana from many parties will not be able forces to adopt any form of forms of international support for a long time, especially if some enthusiasts managed to disable the navigation in the channel, and can not be prevented in the case insist it.

At the end of the report, the Pentagon estimate of the position “that Egypt’s involvement in the military will make of the Vietnam War picnic military, compared to await the forces that can be paid out to the field and end up Boukrojna from there one way or another, and the next order in Egypt will not be a friend, and will work with all his might to undermine our influence in the region may be a threat to oil supplies or targeting come

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