Mustafa Ibrahim, he writes: Egypt is the the beginning of the end for the Americans!!

Posted on August 20, 2013


Tuesday, August 20, 2013 – 17:22
The Lord of the Plumrsad anyone who wants Egypt worse .. We have exposed the Zionist-American conspiracy in which they used the misguided terrorist group, which were not only a tool use them to destroy the Egyptian army and the division of Egypt and fragmentation.

Americans have spent billions of dollars, led by Obama to implement his plan despicable .. But Egypt carefully guarded God Almighty .. Egypt and its people and the great army and put an end of American Émna .. Egypt will be the beginning of the end of America and عنجهيتهم which governed the world through conspiracies and intrigues infield and the use of the means of killing, burning and vandalism.

Here is Egypt cleanse itself of the Conception of the terrorist group and the international organization after it revealed the ugly face to the world, with the exception of some client states which collapsed her dreams in the destruction of our country.

The Egyptian people have line epic new chapter in its history stretching over thousands of years as a nation do not comply are subject only to the will of the people .. To go U.S. and foreign aid to hell .. We the people go hungry and do not give up their freedom and pride and dignity .. And crushed all previous political regimes that have cooperated with the United States .. Freedoms alleged country! .. Country-sponsored terrorism and funded! .. It’s the first Enkoy بناره!

And will be held accountable to the American people this Alawbama and his party on the billions of dollars that financed the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Egypt .. Egypt is not and will not fall .. But the ones who have fallen.

Egyptian people will not pay any attention paid channels puppet of the Americans and the Zionists .. , Led by Al-Jazeera .. Has exposed their lies .. They lost their credibility .. And we will all fall.

Long live Egypt, free and independent of its people Tayeb the بمسلميها religious and Copts .. The scapegoat home, we still Vdinma and offered one .. Will not succeed in strife advocates divide us .. Egypt will promote God willing, and recovering after uprooting terrorism from its roots .. Vsber beautiful .. And God.

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