Church Organization announces its intention to deport (3400) Christian Sudanese claiming persecution

Posted on August 20, 2013


08-20-2013 02:38 PM
Aid agency announced its intention to deport Christian (3400) Christian from Sudan to South Goa under the pretext of religious persecution are exposed to in the Sudan.
According to the website (Christiane News) on news of Christians in the world, the agency know (Bbarnabs) said that, since South Sudan gained its independence against Christians and churches in Sudan’s (increasingly assault).
They claimed the agency that the leaders of the churches are threatened, detained and abducted are destroyed buildings Christianity. Agency clarified that the draft deportation is an extension of a project that was initiated last year, said that happened when stripped the Sudanese government a large number of southern Sudanese from their nationalities were deported thousands of the South.

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