Assault on 61 Church

Posted on August 20, 2013


Posted: Rania Nabil
Central Operations Room issued to Maspero Youth Union report on the attacks on churches and property of Copts since last Wednesday, which coincided with the resolution of Rabaa El Adaweya Aatsami and Renaissance isolated supporters of President Mohamed Morsi.

The Maspero Youth Union said in his report that the monitoring of the Muslim Brotherhood attacks on Copts, announced by confirming that it documented Balvedyohat and moving images of events and sites to hear witnesses.

And monitoring of the Union in his report, 38 church burning and looting their contents and blow each other, as well as monitoring the attack on 23 church attack in part by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and gunfire and siege.

And the Copts schools that has been completely burned, we have documented the burning Union 6 schools in various provinces, in addition to burn 7 installations belonging to the churches and Friday prayers at 3 churches.

For property Copts have monitoring Union assault on 58 houses scattered areas of the Republic, was the displacement of some owners out of the cities and 85 shops in various provinces and 16 different governorates Pharmacy, 3 hotels, 75 buses and a car owned churches and Copts.

The following data in detail:

First: the churches that have been looted and their contents looted and burned completely and blow each other.

1. Church of the Virgin Mary and Anba Abram of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the extension services building and the residence of the bishop and the existing nursery and village Dljh, center of Deir Mawas, Minya Governorate.

2. Church of St. Mina Coptic Orthodox and supplement the existing clinic and tribal district of Abu Hilal province of Minya.

3. Baptist Church, located status of Beni Mazar, Minya Governorate.

4. Church of Prince Taodharos and located street-Husseini, the field Sednawy, Minya province.

5. Third Evangelical Church and located in Minia Governorate.

6. Evangelical Church, located in Ezbet Gad, Mr. Menia.

7. St. Moses the Black Church and located neighborhood of Abu Hilal, a tribal province of Minya.

8. The salvation of souls and the church, located on Palace Square Street, Minya province.

9. Mina Church, located on Center Street, Beni Mazar, Minya Governorate.

10. Evangelical Church, located of contorted Center district, Minya.

11. Church of St. George Coptic Orthodox services and has built the land of the archbishopric, Sohag Governorate.

12. Church Marmriqs and building services and located electricity Street, Sohag Governorate.

13. Church of the Virgin and Abram news Sohag Governorate.

14. Abbey Prince Taodharos Echatbi village Nazlah, Yusuf Center Fayoum governorate.

15. Church of Our Lady of Copts الأرثوزكس the village Nazlah, Yusuf Center, Fayoum governorate.

16. Church of St. Demiana village Alzerba, Tamiya Center, El Fayoum.

17. Evangelical Church village Alzerba, Tamiya Center, El Fayoum.

18. Church of Prince Tadros the village Dsaa, Fayoum.

19. Parents Alfrencescan and church school attached to 23 Suez Street.

20. Ancient Greek Church and located on Paradise Street, Suez.

21. Evangelical Church, located on Army Street, Suez.

22. George Church Street, said the governorate of Assiut.

23. Apostolic Church on Namees Street, Assiut Governorate.

24. Church Mariouhna status Abnoub, Assiut Governorate.

25. Adventist Church, located applies Street Ragheb, Assiut Governorate.

26. Reformed Church in Assiut.

27. Church of St. Assiut Governorate focus ..

28. Church of Our Lady Ten Street, Boulaq Dakrour, Giza Governorate.

29. Church Blessed Virgin Pkrdash, Giza.

30. George Church, located Street July 23, Arish, North Sinai.

31. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd and the school attached to it and the Church of the church and monastery of the object on Army Street, Suez Governorate.

32. Evangelical Church in the village of debt facility Samalout province of Minya.

33. Diocese of Saint John the Baptist Qusiya Center, Assiut.

34. Church of the Holy Family Catholic Copts next to the police station, the center of Malawi, Minia Governorate.

35. Second Evangelical Church next to the police station, the center of Malawi, Minia Governorate.

36. Church of St. George and Abe Sven the village هاسه Center Maghagha Minya Governorate.

37. Apostolic Church and its Medical Center and located on Omar Street Ezbet Alexander Babuhilal the province of Minya.

38. St. Mina Church Center Beni Mazar province of Minya.

Second: the churches were attacked by partially throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and gunfire and siege.

1. Church Marmriqs of Catholic Copts Abu Hilal, a tribal district, Minya Governorate.

2. Church of the Jesuit Fathers, located Abu Hilal, a tribal district, Minya Governorate.

3. Church of Our Lady Street butchers, Abu Hilal, a tribal district, Minya Governorate.

4. Diocese of Saint John the Baptist Qusiya Center, Assiut Governorate.

5. Church of Our Lady and located 10 Qena Governorate Basin.

6. Diocese Atfeeh Giza Governorate.

7. Church of the martyrs and located in the village of arrival, Atfeeh, Giza Governorate.

8. Church of Our Lady grade Giza Governorate.

9. School Jesuit Fathers queens

10. St. George Bacchus Church, Alexandria Governorate.

11. Church of Saint Maximus 45 Street, Alexandria Governorate.

12. Diocese of Malawi Malawi center, Minia Governorate.

13. Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the status of Deir Mawas Minya.

14. Church Angel Street Namees, Assiut Governorate

15. Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the status of Abu Tig, Assiut Governorate.

16. Church of the Virgin in Kafr Abdou, Oct. 6.

17. George Church center median, Beni Suef.

18. Church of Abu Sven Rashah Ezbet El Nakhl, Marg, Cairo.

19. Church Virgin Mounsoria, Giza Governorate.

20. The monks Abu Fana Monastery and cut the road to Malawi, Minia Governorate.

21. St. George Kottska Church Maadi, Cairo.

22. Church of St. Mina Beni Mazar, Minya.

23. George Church Garden Helwan, Giza.

Thirdly: Copts schools that has been completely burned.

1. Copts School for Boys Street Husseini, the province of Minya.

2. School Sisters of St. Joseph Monastery in Minya Governorate.

3. Good Shepherd School in Minia Governorate.

4. School Franciscan nuns in Beni Suef.

5. Franciscan School in Suez Governorate.

6. School of the Good Shepherd Catholic Copts next to the police station, Malawi, Minia Governorate.

IV: Plants subsidiary of the churches have been burned completely.

1. The Bible Society of Friends in Fayoum governorate.

2. Club young Christians Wi and the first street Adnan object-Maliki, the province of Minya.

3. Soldiers of Christ shelter for Boys in Minia Governorate.

4. Bible Society library in Minia Governorate.

5. Association of Jesuit and Frere Minya governorate.

6. Gold ship of the Evangelical Authority Minya governorate.

7. Bible Society library in Assiut Governorate.

Fifth: homes, pharmacies, shops and hotels owned by the Copts have been robbed and looted and then burned completely.

1. Number 58 houses. Areas of sporadic Republic. Were displaced some owners out of the cities.

2. Number 85 shops in various provinces.

3. Number 16 different governorates Pharmacy.

4. Number of 3 Horus hotels and Susanna and Akhenaten.

5. Number 75 buses and a car owned churches and Copts.

Sixth: The names of some of the martyrs:

1. Rami Zakaria events of the Church of St. George Backus, Alexandria Governorate.

2. Alexander Tus All village Dljh, Deir Mawas Center, «were slaughtered after death and chopping its members and linked in a tractor was dragged into the graves and dumped in front of the tomb, and he buried one of the Arabs living next to the graves.

3. Bashoa Mikhail ship Almrmid, the province of Minya.

4. Mina Raafat Aziz Alexandria, a taxi driver have been slaughtered.

5. Fawzi Morad Fares division of El Geneina, Ezbet El Nakhl, Marg, Cairo. Suddenly, the result of a gunshot district head.

6. Abduction of about 7 people from the Copts in Upper Egypt governorates.

Has Friday prayers of the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in the following churches:

1. Church of the Virgin and Bishop conclude village Dljh, Deir Mawas Center Minia Governorate.

2. St. Moses the Black Church in Minya Governorate.

3. The debt facility Evangelical Church Samalout province of Minya.

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