United States of America adopted a secretive Area 51’s existence

Posted on August 17, 2013


17.8.2013 0:38
NASA’s aerial view of Area 51, which is owned by the U.S. government area of ​​the state of Nevada near Las Vegas.
Nevada, the United States, the findings of alleged UFOs were of at least one kind of explanation on Friday, when the U.S. CIA confirmed the mysterious Area 51’s (Area 51) really exists.

The matter became public when previously classified internal report on the U.S. U-2 spy program was announced, the news channel CNN says. The documents revealed that Area 51 had been spying on aircraft testing.

The area tested, including the U-2 aircraft, which was developed during the Cold War spy plane. It was able to fly to the Soviet anti-aircraft range and hidden above the radar.

Two hundred miles from the Los Angeles area, this dried-up Groom Lake nearby has been ufo hav a intojen and conspiracy theories for decades. The area is famous around the world increased when associated with mysticism have been used in the entertainment industry.

The existence of the region does not in itself been a great revelation, for example, Internet-based mapping service Google Maps able to locate the area on the map accurately search for “Area 51”. The map to the area will be able to examine very closely.

Now paljastanutta new information is that the area was used to specifically test the machines spyware. This also explains the wildest rumors of UFOs in the region allegedly conceived, the BBC says.

According to the authors of a history of UFOs, the notifications made significantly increased whenever the spy planes were tested.

“At the time, no one believed that the manned aircraft would have a potential of 60 000 feet [about 1.8 miles] altitude. Nobody believed, therefore, to see things flying so high in the sky,” a report written by Gregory pedlow and Donald Welzenbach point out.

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