U.S. urges its citizens to leave Egypt

Posted on August 17, 2013


Updated 2 hours 46 minutes
WASHINGTON: The United States warned its citizens not to travel to Egypt, and that those already there to leave the country. A statement that the State Department issued last night,

refer to U.S. citizens in Egypt to respect the curfew introduced and avoid street demonstrations.
They warn that otherwise could become targets of harassment or “something worse” with a reminder that an American was killed in Alexandria in June.
Also, women in particular are warned to stay away from protest rallies due to the risk of being sexually assaulted.
Previous U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the United States abandon previously planned joint military exercises the United States and Egypt in October.
The actions of Egyptian security forces, and the day before yesterday, killed more than five hundred supporters of President Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt: Obama’s statements “could incite violence”
CAIRO: Egyptian authorities have announced today that the statement of U.S. President Barack Obama’s army condemns violence by Islamists could “encourage violent armed groups.”
“The Presidency of fears that the statements are not based on facts that may encourage violent armed groups,” according to the response to yesterday’s Obama’s condemnation of violence in Egypt, the company said.
The government in Cairo, added that “the price of U.S. concerns about the situation in Egypt, but would like to clarify that Egypt faced with terrorist acts against public institutions and infrastructure is crucial.”
Barack Obama last night strongly condemned the Egyptian government action and violence in Egypt and decided to cancel it because of military exercises the United States and Egypt that had been planned for next month.
He said he was concerned about the situation in Egypt, adding that he does not believe that force can be a solution to political differences in the country. He also stressed that the United States does not take anyone’s side.
Obama has condemned the killing of civilians and arbitrary arrests Morsijevih supporters urging the Egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of peaceful protest and the demonstrators to protest peacefully.



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