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Posted on August 17, 2013


Obama’s half-brother today under his leadership
B92 – 2 hours ago
Belgrade – half brother of U.S. President and President of the Foundation “Barack H. Obama” Abong Malik Obama, will visit Belgrade today and will meet with President Nikolic.
The Foundation is named after the common father and Abongoa Barack Obama, Barack Hussein, who was one of the most responsible for the economic development of Kenya.

Abong Malik Obama was a Kenyan national who was born in Nairobi, where he grew up, and the child from his first marriage, Barack Sr. Born in 1958, three years older than his half-brother, the president of America.

Malik Obama these days resides in the Balkans, and on Thursday in Skopje was awarded the Association of Balkan peace club. According to media reports in Skopje, Macedonia, his visit was marked by a minor incident – stolen his briefcase.

According to newspaper Dnevnik, Malik Obama two and a half hours late for a scheduled tour of Skopje, and idle journalists who were waiting for him in front of the Memorial House of Mother Teresa heard that the reason for the delay was that he lost his suitcase and ran out of clothes is brought to its visit. The hosts have confirmed, however, refused to comment. “It can happen to anyone,” he said tersely Stavre Dzikov coordinator Balkan Peace Team.

Malik Obama was talkative, where he pointed out that “happy as can be to visit Macedonia … which is a country rich in history, and there are beautiful women.” Malik Obama met with the authorities of Gostivar, visited the church and the mosque, dinner and beef kebabs on the grill, and continued his Balkan tour.

Malik Obama, an unofficial spokesman “African” part of the family of his half-brother Barack, 44 U.S. president, whom he met in 1985. in Kenya, where he still lives. The owner electronics stores, and occasionally working as a consultant in Washington.

He tried to enter politics as a presidential candidate, but only won the votes of Kenyan voters. His election slogan was: “Obama there – Obama here.”

Muslim by religion, there are currently 12 women.

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