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Posted on August 17, 2013

Four Cubans held in prison in the USA should be released – it is stated in the resolution adopted by the Coalition of Black trade unionists (Blake Coalition of Trade Unionists; CBTU) on the this, 42 annual meeting in organdy, Florida.
15th 8th 2013
»The workers should take a stance on this issue, because labor is the defending freedom and justice in the country and the world,” said Lew Moye, Second Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board CBTU.

Four Cubans mentioned in the resolution, are imprisoned in the U.S. jails tougher security, which is a result of their activities – monitoring anti-Cuban terrorist groups based in Florida. They are known as the Cuban Five. One of them, René González, was released last year with a three-year protective supervision and USA after much pressure he allowed this year they remain in Cuba.

Although the American public are little known, the international campaign for their release gained support worldwide, among others, the Nobel Prize winners. »Cuba does not jeopardize the safety of the U.S.,” said Moye. »The workers must stand on the right side of justice.«

The conference, which brought together trade unionists in 1000, included in its conduct comprehensive resolution on U.S. policy towards Cuba. Calls for the removal of economic and political embargo against Cuba and the start of free travel of Americans in this country. The U.S. government currently its citizens traveling to Cuba prohibits publication without government permission.

Moye, who is also chairman of the branch CBTU in ST. Louis, said that in the world »Cuba is perceived as a country that is trying to take care of his people, with regard to the environment and health, and also trying to help people in other countries”. And he added: “We feel that it is time stop invading Cuba and take it (finally) as an equal partner. «

»Cuba should be completely removed from the terrorism list,” said the leaf People’s World (weekly KS USA – ed. Translator) author Resolution Harold Rogers and recalled that the African National Congress and its leader Nelson Mandela were on the same list for a long time after Mandela elected president of South Africa in 1994 …

Rogers, head of the National CBTU International Affairs, said that the American public must learns more about Cuba, and called on Congress to repeal all laws prohibiting trading and restricting travel. »About Cuba we see only negative information,” he said. »But in fact this island does not constitute a military or economic threat. «

Political obstacles by Rogers is that protikubánští agitators are powerful in Washington. Exploit the fact that Florida volitelskými with 29 votes is key to the success of any presidential candidate and has an extensive anti-Cuban community, to block changes to the current policy.

Rogers says CBTU resolution will be submitted to the forthcoming Congress of the AFL-CIO, will do so, those who are in the leadership of both institutions. AFL-CIO will have a national convention in September in Los Angeles. »This resolution also used as the basis for education and mobilization activities in our local centers,” he adds.

Robert Wood
Translated (rv)

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