Nasseri leader: U.S. attacks in Yemen, foreign aggression and a serious threat to the transitional stage

Posted on August 15, 2013


Special – NewsYemen:

Description of the leadership of the party Nasserite Unionist Organization Mohammed Sabri, attacks by drones on human targets for al Qaeda in a number of provinces in the country to “aggression.”

He stressed that the operations of U.S. drones “aggression of its forces on the citizens and the territory of another country and flagrant violation of the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions 2014 and 2051 clearly on combating terrorism in Yemen.”

“The ten days and more and the American administration Chen air war and ongoing military aggression on Yemen does not detract them or mitigate their effects and described raids drones.” Sabri stressed that the most direct consequence of those attacks, “the fall of innocent victims and killed outside the law and weakening the Yemeni government and the president to the right people.”

He noted in his Platform Home to attacks drones American “demolish the foundations of the partnership alleged in security relations between Yemen and the United States and a serious threat to the transitional period,” calling for “those responsible for this war that does not expect to secure their interests and partners are, but if they are sure they war fake or contrived, “he said,” with their time and their victims and their direct and indirect says otherwise and bear who threw the rock from the top of the mountain their responsibility “.

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