Intelligence site: Jordan adjusts of anti-aircraft weapons from Syria to the West Bank

Posted on August 15, 2013


AMMAN, Jordan (Democratic direction) (Agencies)
– Web site reported ” Stratfor “Intelligence report that” the Jordanian authorities seized two weapons smuggling from Syria to the West Bank by Jordanian security source spoke to Western reporters, without revealing his name . ”

The report added that “the smugglers were Syrians who were arrested on August 6 – August current they are transporting anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, machine guns, assault. Been arrests in the banquet midst of the Jordan, and the Syrians were carrying the identities of Jordanian and conceal the weapon in my car pickups covered Bbtikh . ”

The report added that “Police أوقفتهما the after تجاوزهما the vegetable market and move south is usually similar cars . ”

The information conveyed by “Stratfor” in talking about the analysis framework program led by Syria and Iran, aimed at the militarization of the West Bank .

Site analyst noted that Jordan, which turned into a military supply line of weapons destined for Syria Gulf, has become a hotbed for vector weapon in every direction. It is according to the analyst, “is cast a huge burden on the security forces and threatens to make Jordan prey militants multi loyalty.” Adding, “So Jordanian police imposed severe restrictions on the Syrian refugees in the Zaatari camp, where it easier for insurgents to hide among the refugees who are in the tens of thousands . ”

The report said intelligence Institute, said the recent arrests in Jordan and the confiscated weapons were “instigated a quiet Syria and Iran .. Despite the obstacles to” march insert arms to occupied Palestine. He added that the improvement of relations between Iran and the Hamas movement in the final phase contributed to the revitalization efforts of the introduction of weapons to Palestine .

And increased Institute said its own efforts to investigate the crossing arms Station Jordan recently led to the conclusion that the group was arrested, “linked to the Popular Front General Command,” “In the possession of weapons of Syrian origin stores Syrian army in the endosperm, and they were on their way to the city of Karak”, “then to its final destination in the city of Hebron, which has significant presence and support for Hamas . ”

He went Stratfor it had reached a similar conclusion in a study issued in the month of November / November 2012 based on “to Palestinian sources in the region .. which reported that Iran is working with Palestinian groups to facilitate the transit of weapons through Iraq and Jordan to the West Bank .

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