American warnings of children’s toys containing laser

Posted on August 15, 2013

A. St.. A – London: Authority warned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of children’s toys that contain lasers albeit slightly, confirming that these games may cause serious injury, and can be up to the point of blindness.
The Commission pointed out that there are many of the famous children’s toys that contain powerful laser beams can cause permanent damage to the eye.
She said the “body”, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” Britain: The injuries laser does not hurt usually, but eyesight may deteriorate slowly over time, noting that these injuries can not go unnoticed one for days and even weeks, and can be permanent.
She added: “A laser beam, which highlights directly on the eye to hit it on the spot, especially if he was strong, and organizers of the companies producing these games they promote mostly as Games unusual not have any serious, but parents should be careful when using their children to games e. ”
It recommends that the “body” not shed these games to users lasers directly on any human being or animal, stressing that the light energy emitted from the laser to the eye sometimes be even more dangerous than stare directly at the sun.

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