American nearly lost the right to treatment for 26 cents

Posted on August 15, 2013


Agencies – 08.14.2013 20:50

New Jersey – An American from New Jersey almost lost the right to treatment for 26 cents, how much is in the account of his lack of health insurance, according to Business Insider website.

Sergio Branco (33), was recently diagnosed with leukemia, but he soon got the good news that he found a donor bone marrow, which is fully coincide with Branko.

However, when it looked “like a dream”, two months before the operation Brankovo ​​health insurance has been canceled.

The reason – 26 cents as the lack of health insurance account.

Sergio’s wife Mara donated a check of 518 dollars “Pejčeksu” company administrator, who took care of health insurance. Since the obligations were exactly 518.26 dollars, “Pejčeks” was canceled on security.

To make matters do not go it alone, it appeared as Sergio, three months after it was established leukemia, got fired from work because of illness came.

Although Mara Branko tried to explain that amidst technical fault and will pay extra lacking a quarter of dollars, “Pejčeksu” replied that he would see what they could do, but there were no results.

In the end, after the media began to follow the case, the story included the U.S. Department of Labor, and the “Pejčeks” announced that he would return insurance retroactively from May.

Branko family will not sue the company, even though they work for the Department said that it could do, and chances are, and to get the case, as they are now important that everything went well with Sergio operation is scheduled for 16 August.
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