«National human rights organizations» refuses to appoint Ford as America’s ambassador to Egypt

Posted on August 4, 2013


Announced Mohammed Naim, head of the National Union of human rights organizations, and leader of the Wafd Party, rejected the appointment of Ambassador Robert Ford at the head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Cairo, starting from the end of the month, because the «Arab blood-stained hand.
He was quoted as saying by the newspaper «Egyptian today» In a statement issued on Saturday that during the presence «Ford» in Bahrain «work on the formation of terrorist groups, which ended campaign rebellion in Bahrain, led by the Wefaq even reversed judgment in the scheme of dirty to end the rule and the disintegration Arab Gulf states, as he claimed.
He pointed out that Ambassador Robert Ford «has a long history dishonorable with Arab countries such as Algeria, Iraq and Syria, the emergence of al-Qaeda terrorist, and seas of blood that spilled on his hand due to terrorist plots and armed militias supported by the United States under his leadership, and now they want to come to Egypt in such a critical time for the elimination of the country’s stability.
He appealed to ‘Naim’ Egyptian Foreign reject reception Ford as ambassador to the United States of America in Cairo


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