Free Army bombed the largest airport in Syria and targeted air security branch building in Harasta

Posted on March 21, 2013


Network announced the Syrian Human Rights said 29 people in Syria, mostly in Damascus, while regime forces shelled the air neighborhoods in Aleppo and Deir al-Zour, rebels targeted military sites in Damascus and elsewhere.
The activists stressed that caught fire in the building of the security branch air Bhrsta Rural Damascus, by targeted by rebel battalions.
For its part, the network said Cham mortar shelling renewed on Jobar neighborhood in Damascus, as confirmed by a roadside bomb planted car new in the thriving neighborhood.
In Damascus, Israeli heavy artillery and rocket launchers Babila cities and towns, Beit Jann and Adra and Medmah Levant and Darya and Harasta, clothing, several areas East Balgoth, amid violent clashes in the vicinity of the town of Beit Jann and Daria City.
And targeted “the banner of Islam” conscience Airport makeshift rocket range up to sixty kilometers, as sources said the banner of Islam The missile hit the airport, which is the largest military airfields in Syria.
Syrian activists said that warplanes of the regime forces threw cluster bombs on the town of Ambassador Aleppo countryside where violent clashes, a day after 16 people were killed by a rocket carrying chemicals in Khan honey.
In Idlib, Free Syrian army targeted with mortars and tanks regime forces stationed gym near the State Security Branch, while warplanes bombed the city Sracb and towns Hzano and Alhbit.
The Homs witnessed heavy shelling with heavy artillery and rocket launchers on Khalidiya neighborhoods and Baba Amr and Baba Amr groves and rugged and the rest of Homs neighborhoods besieged, while clashes continued around the Khalidiya neighborhood.
The system forces shelled city Kffersita and towns Krnaz and throughout Dbagain in Hama, amid violent clashes a sphere Krnaz, and showed pictures of a network Cham smoke billowed in Krnaz shelling.

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