The Guardian: Britain rejects U.S. request to use its bases in the nuclear standoff with Iran

Posted on October 27, 2012


Saturday, October 27, 2012 capitals – agencies
Guardian newspaper revealed yesterday that Britain rejected U.S. appeals to use military bases in the United Kingdom to support the military preparations in the Gulf, based on the legal advice was considered that any pre-emptive strike against Iran could constitute a breach of international law.

The newspaper said that U.S. diplomats also pressed for the use of British bases in Cyprus and allow Mqatlathm to take off from U.S. bases in the islands of Ascension and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean subsidiaries of the British territory.

She said the moves U.S. is part of contingency plans in the nuclear standoff with Iran, but British ministers responded by coolly and referred American officials to legal advice drafted by the Attorney General’s Office British has been circulated to the headquarters of the British government (10 Downing Street) and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence into British.

The newspaper quoted a government source described Balbarz saying «the United Kingdom would break international law if it facilitated what amounts to be a pre-emptive strike against Iran and used her government legal advice to resist U.S. pressure.

It also quoted another source that the United States «surprised reluctance British ministers to provide assurances about this kind of assistance in advance and was expecting to come opposition from senior party officials Liberal Democrats (the junior partner in the coalition government the British), but the Conservative Party also opposed the possibility of providing such assistance ».

The newspaper reported that the situation reflects a loss of appetite within the British government to participate in any dispute although the British Royal Navy with a significant presence in the Gulf region in the event of failure of the ongoing diplomatic efforts and has 10 warships there, including a nuclear-powered submarine.

Revealed «The Guardian» also military delegation Britain visited the headquarters of the U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida early summer of this year to discuss a range of contingency plans with military planners Americans, noting that diplomats Britons and Americans insist that their countries are considered diplomatic solution with Iran a priority.

And attributed to a spokesman for the British Foreign Office as saying «The government does not believe that military action against Iran is right course of action at this time despite the fact that all options remain on the table and we believe that the twin-track approach: pressure through sanctions and engagement with Iran is the best The way to solve the nuclear issue. The spokesman added «We will not speculate on the legality of military action scenarios depending on the prevailing circumstances.

To that reported «New York Times» U.S. that according to intelligence officials from several countries, Iran completed effectively in recent weeks station uranium enrichment despite international pressure and economic sanctions severe, as said by experts that it might be an effort to get the feature impressive in any negotiations with the U.S. United States and its allies.

The newspaper said in a report posted yesterday on its website that installed last centrifuges of almost three thousand a location ‘Fordo’ deep under a mountain inside a military base near the city of ‘then’ make Iran close to being able to manufacture a nuclear weapon .

The newspaper added that the United States and Israel and the United Nations all pledged to prevent this from happening and imposed increasingly severe penalties on Tehran and used the Internet for war slow progress in obtaining a weapon.

The newspaper pointed to an article published on Sunday says that the United States and Iran have reached a tentative agreement to hold direct talks after the U.S. presidential election, but U.S. President Barack Obama denied the report, said at the same time in a debate on Monday with Republican rival Mitt Romney was open on such talks. The newspaper pointed out that the question, a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council Tommy Vietor on intelligence reports, said «at a time when we can not comment on the report has not yet been issued are still concerned about Iran’s defiance of its international obligations.

Vietor pointed out that the U.S. president is determined to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and was still believed that there is a time and space for diplomacy.

The newspaper pointed out that the fact that the approach of Fordo plant fully operational shorten the time it takes to build a nuclear weapon and give Iran additional capacity to exert pressure on the United States and its allies.

The newspaper pointed out that in September of 2009 revealed the U.S. president and the leaders of Britain and France for having a website in an effort to stimulate international efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Khomeini regime accused before an international tribunal informal

Standing regime of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in the dock since last Thursday in The Hague before an international court is formed at the initiative of the official victims of crimes committed in the eighties in the wake of the Islamic revolution in Iran in an effort to highlight the qualifiers ignored international justice. Participating judges and lawyers Shahyron in court hearings that do not have any validity formal judicial order to prosecute those responsible defendants executed tens of thousands of political opponents in the hope to carry this trial United Nations to form a committee to investigate the liquidation of more than 20 thousand people were punished one by since 25 years.

And condemns the victims in this trial Bngadi international law and Geoffrey Nice, a member of the accusation in court for Iran and the former attorney general before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, told Agence France Presse that «the world does not achieve does not want to investigate.

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