Major powers failed Syrian Baath and around the country to ‘Black Box’

Posted on October 27, 2012


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Saturday, October 27, 2012
Fouad Ajami’s new book about the Syrian revolution rush to refuse to open a new page for the country despite the massive destruction solution Syrian people. From here, it is possible to read the book cry of protest silent in the face of the world actually, not linguistically what is happening. «Major powers failed the Syrian people, Ajami says and I do not have this people ‘forsaken’ only the slogan ‘God with us’ Ervonh over a year and a half.

Syrian Revolution issued by the publishing house the Hoover Institution at Stanford University where he settled Ajami writes and speaks on issues affecting them. The book can be put in check what he described as Jeff Hesol «immediate history when he was playing a Bob Woodward book new ‘price policy’, in the newspaper and the Washington Post.

The book was released quickly while the Syrian revolution still raging Vomcn and described as «the current date, which is trying to catch up with history pages She writes daily on the streets of Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, Homs and other parts of Syria. From here, comes the difficulty of writing about the Syrian revolution and book Ajami. A writer is almost top voice in defense of the Syrian Revolution Syrian people’s right to freedom since the first day it came down young shield to the streets and wrote slogans launched spark. But Ajami name link U.S. involvement in Iraq has made many people approaching enthusiasm with caution and sometimes concerned that their view represents reject foreign interference.

However, this book dispels this concern because he wrote the votes of the Syrians and their throats and their blood on along squares Syria. And Syrians Avrdoa Juma «foreign interference, many of whom requested.

Ajami problem in the book is not in the justice of the cause defended by moral nor in his position by the people being slaughtered, but the book came hasty not up to the level of the previous books. However it is superior to all the books that have been developed so far for the Syrian revolution.

Professor Ajami w knows Syria. But who really knows this black box called the Baath regime? He admits weakness of this knowledge in the introduction to the book says he did not have direct contact with Syria for four decades. Memories are limited them to visit the shrine six Zainab, who was visiting his mother, in addition to the pilgrimage is personally to see Gamal Abdel Nasser when he visited Syria days the unit between 1958 and 1961. However, this book, which comes from the early writing to provide the reader who wants to know what is happening in Syria read a narrative of what happened over a year and a half with a historical background and context very useful for those who do not know Syria and the region.

Book fun to read because it is written in a manner Ajami unique and distinctive in writing which is unmatched by one. The language has more than a means of expression, it is a world in itself Atoah Ajami as anneal thin gold jeweler.

But the book is not for those who follow the Syrian revolution day by day and Friday collecting. It does not offer

New information or reveal the secrets of the American position or the real motives of the parties in support of the Syrian regime or know how to work with these rules. Also does not provide analysis of the position of the Obama administration any mysteries for the background of the political decision and the debate within the administration and make the decision regarding Syria really. Perhaps the reason is after Ajami Washington’s current geographically and politically, as opposed to reading for the administration of President George W. Bush, where he was close to the decision-makers could learn secrets of the decisions taken and backgrounds. It offers a shining example when talking about the shifting balance of power within the Bush administration in late 2006.

Black Box

Provided Ajami is analyzed and an accurate description of how to convert the Syrian regime and the Baath Party, and over forty years, the country to ‘black box’ does not know mysteries only a few. Prisons have become «the hallmark of Syrian political life, under the rule of the Baath. But this party did not begin his life so, tell us Ajami. He quotes Sami soldier in his book that Baath «during the years of innocence was Baathists boast that they will turn Mezze prison to a tourist hotel and will put an end to the torture and prisons. Talked about the exploits of the system in tyranny and how «break Hafez al-Assad of Syria and deprived the country of vital political once enjoyed. And how that «people prison and torture were taking place arbitrarily, so that a man jailed because of a dream he saw about a military coup.

Syria sides Ajami described accurately. While Hafez al-Assad succeeded in ending conspiracies and coups in Syria, has built a state security «was the son demonstrates his father and wife betray her husband. But, with that «this system succeeded in obtaining an important regional role. Ajami said that «a sign of tyranny is that the lack of compassion on the inside covered with success in the game of nations.

The story began with a coup in 1963 in which it was’ victory margin to center. This «system and its social base and essence upper made rural Damascus. Damascus this city that Ajami says she did not give up the expedition. And convey a beautiful description of the book Sami soldier saying: «The Damascus is a city of Arab history … The refusal means that it is impossible to continue. The acceptance means the entry of a broader history of the gates. Islam built the greatest country only when lifted Damascus banners. And Arabism did not become the doctrine of interest if not accepted by Damascus. Ajami emphasizes central Damascus for the future of the system, says: «The system is live and is saved in Damascus or end up in Damascus. The tyranny of tyranny has been published in the capital.

The most important relationship in the modern history of Syria Echtzaretha Ajami saying that Hafez al-Assad because of his knowledge sensitivity conservative Sunni background upper secured his ally in Lebanon is the Imam Musa al-Sadr on the fatwa says that Alawites are Shi’ites. I’ve missed Ajami readers a chance to read his analysis of the relationship Assad Shiites of Lebanon and Iran and how the birth of the strategic alliance between the two sides and dimensions of Assad’s father and how his conversion in the era of the Son. Could have been singled out by a chapter to the Syrian – Iranian better since he had to write about it.

Ajami compares in more than one place in the book between Assad and Assad junior. The writer does not have nice words to describe any of them. The father, who on Syria into a big prison «not enjoy any enthusiasm or fire inside the phenomenon, and was orator average case and built a system which features North Korea.

The lion’s son as saying Burhan Ghalioun, the former president of the Syrian National Council, is «Born in the cochlea and without political experience», «The violence has been used more than his father.

But Ajami found that the main difference between them is «that Hafez Assad understand that its survival and the survival of the system depends on the cohesion of minority Alawite sect and maintain a split year and accept coexistence with the regime. The son was not brilliant, has fueled resentment year and awakened a rule at risk. This difference is reflected in the changing role of Syria’s strategic during Ahdehma. Restores Ajami say that «Assad on Syria of the game to the player in the region. Today Once again came under the rule of Bashar into a wider conflict, any game. And turned the relationship with Iran to undergo relationship to Iran, for example. And explain how the name became Bashar ‘assassin’ after the outbreak of the revolution and how to «distinguish between father and son امحى.

Singled Ajami entire chapter titled ‘false dawn’, and is intended here hopes placed on Bashar al-Assad, the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who he described as «the story of the death of the owner. He points out that were liquidated Hariri while he finds a way to get away from the Syrian cuddling. He said that «the murder of Hariri, the Syrians showed that the system has not changed and that Bashar is his father’s son, with the« Hafez al-Assad had to do it.

But surprisingly, is to neglect the importance of the city of Anjar to the Syrian regime, knowing that Lebanon was «governing of the city is important is Anjar. Anjar is very important for the Syrians wherein the most important impact of Amoy in Lebanon is Qasr Al-Waleed bin Abdul Malik and his summer residence.

With Ajami claims he does not know Syria but in his analysis of the lion son managed to catch the essence of the Syrian president and his regime when he said that it called core are two sides of contradictory: light and dark. It «trying to highlight the face of a civilized and polite and talk to the West, but at the same time he ran the most darkest regimes in the region and perhaps even in the world. It is a game system. This picture looks strong in President Assad interviews with journalists (a Barbara Walters interview) In the words of the president and the actions of his government and his army.

Sultan orphans

Under the chapter ‘The fact denominations. Says that «in the heart of the struggle for Syria Sunni Islam’s ability to stand in the face of small denominations and sects competition. Label refers to the year «Sultan orphans» after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the loss of their privileges. Today, «Alawites took control of Sunni rule in Damascus, and skidded Beirut and signed under the control of the descendants of the Shiites and the peasants who came to Beirut from the Bekaa and the south.

The Homs is «Sarajevo on the Orontes River, wherein the militarization of the revolution began. The writer here turns to talk about guilt surrounding the Sunni majority in Syria because it is «the system underwent and Jbnt to terrorism official and paid a heavy price for distancing itself from military service and culture of Venice. But Homs «compensated for it and threw caution aside.

In his analysis of the position of the various Syrian parties on foreign interference, frequency response writer with many of them being raised on «militant nationalism. Says: «poor Syrians were brought to their country beating heart of Arabism. And استنجد here saying to former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who Assad’s father knew very well. Kissinger says that Syria «is at the same time the fountain of Arab nationalism and frustrations Gallery. The Syrian history fluctuates between achievement and disaster. The injustice of foreigners carved deep in the Syrian spirit. But this revolution, Ajami says, «Syrians learned that political tradition was just a scam and a tool in the hands of the dictator and assistant to the destruction of their country.

What awaits if Syria? Ajami asserts that «time is not in the interest of the revolution and not to the system. And Quick-Assad became clear: defeat of the revolution, political asylum for himself and his family, or the fate of Gaddafi.

Syria stands today is open to all possibilities and the author considers that the history of Syria is what will determine its future. He believes that «Hafez al-Assad commented disputes between the Syrian sects did not solve it (…). Assad of Syria was what was Tito of Yugoslavia. It is considered that the Syrian Revolution «raised again the thorny issue of upper identity and ownership of the Alawite regime.

And refers to the ‘militarization’ Alawite Assad family and to be considered as one that «when you break the power of the Alawites, the Alawite sect would retreat to Mount Nusayri coast and سيصمدون there and leave behind a scorched land, and this artificial country disintegrate. But he believes that this will not happen probably gives examples in his commentary on this, Lebanon «which ENGINEERING French», and Iraq «the most artificial and fabricated», and Jordan «which were obituary more than once», all these countries still exist and steadfast.

Ajami says: «there is no place for the upper state. This is how an entity can not find a place in the world. As the «upper entity of two million people puts himself in the face of the power of Damascus and the Arabs has no chance of survival. Can rent a military base for Russia in Tartus, allowing Russia that pretends to be a major naval power, but to maintain a viable homeland there is a need for more from a Russian base.

What sees instead? Says that «the Alawites, who will rule Syria them to put new charter themselves. The Alawites site will be in a central place between the submission that they were in the past, and the power that they had obtained during the past four decades of dictatorship.

In his analysis of the position of the Iraqi government of the Syrian revolution goes deep into the roots of the relationship between Sunnis and Shiites and up to the mid-seventh century.

Ajami says that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the new political class in Baghdad could not free itself from the grip of history. The surround Maliki, who suffered from Saddam’s tyranny P «are the new political class, I do not have their global horizon, with limited knowledge and the horizon, brought up on a diet of Shiite certificate. They were always excluded and led a marginal life in Damascus, London and Tehran during the year long rule in Iraq. But the U.S. war «and weight of demography Shiite Oattiyihama political superiority and now yearn to settle historical accounts.

Even the resignation of the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon Nasrallah Sfeir came in the context of the Vatican’s desire to hold a deal with the Shiites of Lebanon and through them Alawites in Damascus.

Author transit passes location Arab – Israeli conflict in the accounts of the Syrian regime and how to use it and sheet resistance to silence the inner voice. And see it only in the fifth chapter.

The Turkey sees the Ajami disposal is ‘authentic’, as the Turks «showed statesmanship and kept all options open. Challenging Iran’s influence in Syria, however, do not enter the Syrian quagmire.

Professor Ajami refuted the reasons the U.S. frequency and «many excuses made by the administration of President Barack Obama to justify the ‘negative’ U.S. liable for any U.S. intervention to help the Syrian people to topple Assad, almost hesitant, which was based on Libya. President Obama, little Ajami, «was very clear that he is not interested in dropping the Assad regime by force. He «In an ideal world, given these Syrians protesters rarest gift: Americans toppled tyrant – and find it in a spider hole or in water Qustul – without calling on opponents military help. But the world, as we know, does not offer such gifts.

And explain the Obama administration, saying: «Washington did not embrace or adopt the issue of the Syrian revolution. President Obama entered the half to enter Libya. Syria bridge and far Obama is looking forward to a second term in the White House and wanted to say that in his promises to end the war in Iraq and will not restrict himself another conflict in the Fertile Crescent. In the opinion of Ajami Obama was so «abandon space and strategic U.S. interests in the Islamic world.

This President «fight terrorism is to respond to his critics by saying« Ask bin Laden, but «engage in major conflicts in the complex does not have places. But did justice to Obama when he said: «It is no longer the Syrians did not keep his promises. The number of reasons ‘negative’ management say that America does not know disputing the Syrian army does not trust free, to rely on a lack of a decision of the Security Council, to talking about the ‘opposition ambiguity’.

Ajami visited Turkey and met with Syrian refugees and opposition leaders did not find something mysterious about who he met. He said: «I do not worry about the ambiguity of the opposition or the possibility to turn Syria into an Islamic state tyrant. The Syrian news people hell and I’m sure that no matter what kind of system, which reached him it would respect the sacrifices made by.

Sees no turning back in Syria and the Syrians wished to «see the natural grace of life that has eluded them for a long time.

* Lebanese consultant in international affairs – Washington

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