‘Hurricane Son Tinh move the fastest in 10 years’

Posted on October 27, 2012


‘Hurricane Son Tinh move the fastest in 10 years’

Son Tinh could storm landfall early on the evening of 27/10 rain and 300-400mm for the provinces from Thanh Hoa to Quang Tri. Minister Cao Duc Phat, this is the most fast-moving storm in 10 years and the most powerful this year.
> tomorrow night storm Son province in central

The afternoon of 26/10, the Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control Central emergency meeting to deal with the storm Son Tinh. According to Bui Minh Tang, director of the Center for the central meteorological forecasting, Son Tinh storms move very quickly so this afternoon have Paracel 300km southeast of last intensity level 9, level 10. Storms forecast to continue moving west northwest at a rate of 25-30km per hour. In the evening and night 26/10 will pass south of the Paracels.

At 27/10, the storm will be close to the coast of Nghe An to Quang Tri with winds 9-10; Paracels and the waters south of the Tonkin Gulf will have strong winds 10-11.

Son Tinh storm in the South China Sea pm 26/10. Photo: NEA.

According to Tang, the afternoon 26/10, have not been able to locate landfall. If the storm continues to move west northwest, the ability of the storm will hit the northern province of Quang Binh, south of Ha Tinh on the evening of 27/10. Then due to the low groove weak storm moving up the western Nghe An and Thanh Hoa. This is the option most likely to occur.

Option 2 is a hurricane landfall in Nghe An Province on the morning of 28/10. Rain and strong winds concentrated in the northern storms, heavy rain started from the evening of 27/10 in the coastal Nghe An to Quang Tri and gradually increase the intensity, expand.

“Central Thanh Hoa to Quang Tri is rain in the night 28 through 29/10 with a magnitude of 300-400mm, where the 500-600mm,” Mr Tang said. In addition, the storm will be followed by the rainy cold air return. North widespread rain from 28 to 30/10. Northwest precipitation below 100 mm, plain, northern coastal rainfall of 200-300mm, with over 300mm.

More than a day before landfall, the meteorological stations have yet to determine the time of and typhoon landfall location. Photo: NCHMF.

With many years experience in the direction of the flood response, Agriculture Minister Cao Duc Phat said, Son Tinh storm moves fastest in 10 years. As close to the shore, the stronger the storm. This is the strongest storm since the start of direct influence on our country.

“Son Tinh storm is forecast not landed perpendicular to the scan along the central coast. Fact not only that, the path of the storm breathtaking nghoeo, even when a vertical landing and still land. So the impact of storms on coastal and inland is huge, “he warned.The head of the Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control also note that to avoid repeating the story years storm is sinking boats anchored along the shore, causing death as beachfront raining very strong. The region is located in the area affected by storm soon urgent to not fight their homes and evacuating people in dangerous places.

In addition, after landfall, another major risk is widespread heavy rain, it is necessary to deal with flash floods in mountainous areas and flood plains. He Play expressed concern with the North Central River system, Thanh Hoa especially when last’s only rain that has shattered recommended that 1,500 people drowned . The reservoir should be arranged to guard and ensure the water at a safe level.

To direct and supervise the response, in the afternoon 26/10, Minister Cao Duc Phat led a mission in Nghe An, then go down in the North Central Province.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai (left) asked not to be subjective in the evacuation, anchoring boats. Photo: Nguyen Hung.

Conclusion of the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai said that the local need and urge to each owner to contact family took shelter and safety; ships to shore anchorage must be careful, evacuation on the cage … “Do not be subjective because the experience of previous years shows that subjective, no check is dead, the damage immediately,” Hai said.

Over the forecast, Hai noted, if identified rains mainly in the north wing of the storm, the storm threat areas include the entire northern plain. In particular, in the North Central rainfall can be up to 500-600 mm is extremely high rainfall. Therefore, the commander Flood Prevention provinces need permanent until the storm. Transport sector and the police note to ensure smooth traffic and layout at the flooded if any.

In addition, to take the initiative, the Deputy Prime Minister request for the landfall point plan is tomorrow night 27/10, to implement the response, evacuation.

Nguyen Hung

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