America suggested “Al Capone strategy” to target the leaders of Somali pirate gangs

Posted on October 27, 2012


New York – UBI
Friday, October 26, 2012
United States suggested “Al Capone strategy”, the leader of the American Mafia, to target 12 people who control Somali piracy gangs, in an ambitious attempt new to eliminate this threat in two years.
Thomas told Kelly, who is responsible for anti-piracy State Department, the Daily Telegraph on Friday that a small group of wealthy men play an active role in the growth and spread of Somali piracy, and launched a campaign to prosecute under anti-corruption laws and money laundering.
Kelly said, “In this way we captured Al Capone And We admitted him to prison for tax evasion, and a key areas for multilateral action in bodies such as Interpol are trying to focus on gang leaders, because incarceration Somali young people who are used as soldiers in piracy, will not eliminate the problem.”
The U.S. official added that international support for “Al Capone strategy” will facilitate the possibility “to provide all these men to court within two years, and required first chase people who buy boats, weapons and launder funds piracy in Africa and elsewhere.”
He pointed out that the increase in patrols by naval forces of the United States, Europe and Asia and employ armed guards on board ships “was a turning point in the battle against piracy.”
The Daily Telegraph said that the increase of Somali piracy cost the global economy $ 12 billion, equivalent to 5.7 billion pounds, in 2010 only, was jailed 1000 pirate in 20 countries as a result of a joint campaign against piracy.
She added that the United States also launched a diplomatic campaign to share the burden of pirates imprisoned with countries that dominate the shipping registration processes, such as Panama, the Bahamas, and claim the prosecution and imprisonment of pirates who are arrested on board their vessels.

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