Kiss “behind the backs” Obama

Posted on October 26, 2012



Might think head of the largest country in the world that exciting first interesting wherever and gone, but the child Badi in the last row of a photograph taken by photographer “Associated Press” on Wednesday and published by “Arab. Net” Now, if any of the interest him much more than Barack Obama, a colleaguein elementary school visited U.S. President Florida Atfqdha, and make it as if it was not.

Student who appears to be under the age of 10 years, took the opportunity preoccupation Obama and was with him at the scene, and turned to his colleague sitting next to him completely, he put right hand on her cheek, and collar some neck left hand from the back, and on the other cheek printed kiss innocent may become “months first kiss “is picked up lenses.

Then browse Obama pictures with students young it seems, and when he saw the picture he liked, he asked published yet located “Twitter” under the title “Picture of the Day” with the knowledge that they Stkhtaf him glare presidential, and quickly aroused the attention of most Mtabaah in the famous site, and the more than 21 million in all the continents, and has more than 3,000 of them copied and reproduced through repeated tweets, also annexed more than 1,500 observer has to check his favorite images.

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