Barack “threatening” Gaza U.S. support

Posted on October 25, 2012


JERUSALEM: Hopes Shehadeh
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Chose the U.S. and Israeli military monument Patriot system, anti-missile, high in the mountains of Jerusalem, as its presence in the region contribute to the high detection over a wide area and the face of guided missiles from more than one direction and a different term.

According to the Israeli plan for a scenario presented Israel heavily bombed four fronts at once: Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, it will be the army was obliged to set up a large number of systems Iron Dome and Patriot and the magic wand more than one site, at the center of the city of Jerusalem, prepared to turn into a military base defensive Israeli army.
Barack monument took advantage of this system in Jerusalem called threats from there, with the escalation of tension towards Gaza security and intensify the fall of Palestinian rockets into southern towns, declaring that the U.S. military would be a supportive element for the Israelis in the face of what he called “terrorism” faced by Israel.

In joint exercises on scenarios that Israel will receive, if they occur, and U.S. support, notably the possibility of their Israeli targets freely to rocket attacks and specifically from Lebanon and Iran. She arrived in Israel a U.S. ship anti-missile warship to participate in training to face missiles, medium-and long-term training also includes maritime surveillance and defense systems for enemy ships approaching the regional borders.
Upheaval will be held this evening, held a press conference to display the most important shared his training stations, most of which was kept secret and away from the camera lens.

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