Free Syrian Army spent the first salary to his fighters in Aleppo

Posted on October 24, 2012


Organizers of the pension refused to disclose the source of funds
– October 22, 2012
Dubai –
Sued Free Army fighters in the province of Aleppo first monthly salary paid to them since joining the club several months ago, where the leaders of the military juntas in the city distributed $ 150 to each fighter registered in their lists, especially the front line.

The number of fighters lined up in queues to receive the first salary distract them, Fboaqa $ 150 per month the military councils in the province of Aleppo distributing salaries to fighters, especially those who are on the front lines, provided that they are listed in the regulations prepared by the commanders on the ground in the city.

Although the amount in salary month for each fighter is not sufficient to meet all of their needs, but it will help them to fulfill some obligations living for themselves and their families.

Said Mohammed Nasser in the Free Army fighters: “We have received a salary of $ 150 we will use this money as an expense for our families, six months ago this is the first time I get a salary.”

Another fighter spoke in the Free Army, saying: “I am a dissident three months ago and need to pay in order to spend on my family, and a brigade of uniformity does not need to leave us anything.”

And rejects the organizers and monthly pension of fighters in the army free to disclose the source where the funds are coming from, but other military leaders in Aleppo confirmed that they had received money from abroad and Syrian businessmen opposed to the system.

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