Closing Christian and Buddhist temples in Indonesia after complaints Islamists

Posted on October 24, 2012


Tuesday, October 23, 2012 and agencies
Closing Christian and Buddhist temples in Indonesia after complaints Islamists


Indonesian authorities said in the state of Aceh Tuesday it closed the Christian places of worship and Buddhism after complaints from defense Islamic Front. The Aceh is the only state that apply sharia law in Indonesia. Help mayor said Banda Aceh pride Saad Eddin said: “The main reason for the closure of places of worship of Christianity and Buddhism, estimated at about 15 temples and (9 Buddhist Christian and 6) because they do not have the specific licenses.” “The closure decision came after complaints from Islamists belonging to the” Islamic Defenders Front “an organization known Bahjmadtha bars and brothels in Indonesia,” adding, “We do not want any security disturbances in Banda Aceh because of these illegal activities.” Said Nico Taregan who presided over Sunday mass in the two-story house was used a place of worship until it closed last week that “elements of the Islamic Defenders Front attacked the building in June,” adding “sent these elements threats via telephone messages text says that if we continue in Prayer Sundays destroy places of worship. ” For his part, the president of Forum Contact Christian Theopoulos Bella “the central authorities in Jakarta to intervene,” This is the non-governmental, but a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said that “what happened is closure of places of worship because these places do not get the licenses.” Indonesia’s constitution guarantees freedom of belief, but observers point to a decline in the level of tolerance with other religions in the country.

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