US-Israel exercises unprecedented

Posted on October 23, 2012


Tuesday, 23/10/2012 05:53
U.S. and Israel began military defense exercise not unprecedented called “austerity challenge” 12 (austere challange 12) from 21:10.

The exercise lasted three weeks with the participation of 3,500 U.S. troops, of the European Command and 1,000 Israeli soldiers in order to emphasize the close military ties between the two allies, despite the turbulent months between the U.S. government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about preventing Iran’s nuclear program. Exercises took place in the context of more and more concerned about the possibility of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. However, officials of the two countries confirmed “austerity Challenge” is not related to the recent tensions in the region.

“Austerity Challenge” has been planned from 2 years ago and not a response to any particular event in the region, “Israeli military statement said. The exercise was originally planned to held in April, but was postponed at the request of Israel. No reason is given, but the implied context is the process of increasing discussion about Israel preparing to attack Iran if Iran does not halt its uranium enrichment program.

Of the 3,500 U.S. troops participating in exercises, about 1,000 troops stationed in Israel, while the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean. Soldiers the two sides will jointly operate the Iron Dome defensive missile system in Israel, the latest version of U.S. Patriot missiles and the Arrow interceptor missile system developed by the two countries to work together. A U.S. Navy warship is equipped with anti-ballistic missile system advanced Aegis will act as command and control exercises.

Most of the exercises will be the scenario through the exercises, command and control scenario Israel is attacked by long-range ballistic missiles or mortars. According to experts, the exercise is a signal sent to Iran that any attack on Israel is also embroiled America – a possibility that Iran’s leaders must think carefully.

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