Libyan Bani Walid undergoes heavy shelling

Posted on October 22, 2012


15:55 22/10/2012
CAIRO, October 22. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS, Dmitry Tarasov /. Fierce fighting broke out today with a new force in the besieged Libyan city of Bani Walid, located 80 km south-east of Tripoli. As the satellite channel “Al Jazeera”, in clashes Three people were killed and seven wounded.

Armed clashes continue in the former bastion of supporters of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi from the middle of last week, and so far no attempt to resolve the conflict by peaceful means have failed. The formal reason for the attack was the death of one of the former rebels “Misuratskoy Brigade” Omran Shaaban. This young man, allegedly first discovered in Sirte year ago brutally murdered later the Colonel was, as many of his comrades, was kidnapped in July 2012 near Bani Walid and was badly injured. In September, he was released and taken to France for treatment, where he died. Now the former militia seeking extradition of those responsible for his death.

Being unable to break the strong resistance banivalidtsev, army units and armed groups of former revolutionaries are intense artillery bombardment of the city, including multiple rocket launchers “Grad”. But take them insubordinate oasis so far. Its defenders refused to surrender the city streets, there are dozens of snipers, through which the fire can not breakdown occurs.

According to official data, during clashes with both sides, about 30 people were killed and hundreds injured. However, according to witnesses, the bill goes to the dozens dead, many of them women and children. People with their families fled from Bani Walid, fleeing from the fighting, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating by the day.

As stated previously the chairman of the General National Congress, Mohamed Yousef al-Magref occurring “is not a war of extermination and ethnic cleansing.” “This is a campaign in favor of the rule of law and to restore security in the city, which has become a haven for a large number of criminals and enemies of the revolution,” – he said.

At the same time, his lawyers accuse the authorities that they were “incited” by Bani Walid armed militia of ex-rebels, “giving them the green light to its destruction.” They call upon the UN and the Western countries to intervene to protect civilians.

Bani Walid has long been one of the last enclaves of the former authorities of Libya, whose population is fiercely opposed NATO supported rebels attack up to the massacre of the former leader of the Jamahiriya, October 20, 2011. This 100000th city is considered the “capital” of the tribe varfalla, part of which has kept faithful to the fallen regime, and not accepting the new rulers of the country.

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