In Turkey, there are about 70 U.S. nuclear bombs

Posted on October 22, 2012


16:20 22/10/2012
ANKARA, Oct. 22. / Itar-Tass Kirill Zharov /. In Turkey, there are about 70 nuclear bombs the B-61 / Latin letter / posted on the Turkish-American Incirlik Air Base in southern province of Adana. As reported by “Haberturk” despite the actual presence of these weapons, their potential uses are limited.

Bombs, at least most of them, are the property of the U.S. Army, Washington reserves the right to use them for other purposes, if necessary. Prior to 1995, according to the source, 10-20 B-61 were on two other Air Force bases, Akinci and Balikesir, but by now they are all moved to Incirlik.

The presence of nuclear weapons in Turkey due to the U.S. interests in the event of an emergency in the region. When a serious conflict the U.S. military could have transported the bomb to the center of events. Meanwhile, notes “Haberturk”, the main issue remains the means of delivering such weapons. Turkey, despite repeated insistence on the deployment of U.S. requests on base in Incirlik their aircraft, capable of carrying nuclear bombs, U.S. officials denied that.

At most of the republic, according to experts, there are opportunities to carry a nuclear warhead this, for example, on the F-16 aircraft. However, officially, these machines are not designed for the transportation of any of these types of weapons, or for the implementation of such a mission as a whole. That is, delivery of the atomic bomb in Turkish fighter linked to a permit to hold a “special mission”, which generates a number and formal and political issues.

B-61 is the main weapon of the strategic nuclear forces of the United States. Its body can withstand supersonic speed. B-61 has a length of 3.58 meters and a diameter of about 33 cm Weight bombs on average about 320 kg, but varies depending on the modification.

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