Muslim herdsmen kill at least 30 Christians

Posted on October 18, 2012



Excess violence in Nigeria: Pastors of the predominantly Muslim Fulani ethnic group have the night to rob a community of the Christian Tiv people and killing at least 30 people.
In connection with a land dispute in Nigeria according to the authorities at least 30 villagers by attackers from another ethnic group were killed. Shepherd of the Fulani ethnic group had attacked a village of the Tiv people, said the spokesman of the governor of the central state of Benue, Cletus Akwaya, on Wednesday.

In the attack on Sunday and Monday in Yogbo near the border with the state of Nassarawa were without warning in the middle of the night houses were set on fire. Many residents had been killed trying to escape from the flames.

“At least 30 people are dead,” said the spokesman. Because the attack was carried out in the night, it was difficult to give the number of attackers. According to reports by local media following the attack hundreds Tiv fled the village.

Fulani Muslims predominantly

The Fulani are predominantly Muslim, while most Christians are Tiv. In West Africa Nigeria, there are always violent conflict between supporters of the two religions. The north of the most populous African country is dominated Muslim, the south by Christianity.

The attack from the start of the week, however, depends mainly related to a dispute over access to land between the Fulani herdsmen and Tiv mostly living from agriculture. Nigeria has about 250 ethnic groups.

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