U.S. Ambassador Rice accuses Hezbollah of backing “killing machine” in Syria

Posted on October 17, 2012


She said that leaders are planning to take action that would keep Assad in power
Tuesday, – October 16, 2012

Dubai – Al Arabiya

Launched U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, a sharp attack on Hezbollah, accusing him of “supporting the killing machine” in Syria.

Rice said at the monthly meeting of the Security Council on the Middle East, Hezbollah stepped up its military support of the Syrian government, even become his militia part of the “killing machine” used by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The U.S. Ambassador explained that Hezbollah leaders continue also planning to take action that would keep Assad in power.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice

Rice felt that “supporting Hezbollah activist and growing war-Assad appears to claim strengthen Lebanon’s national interest is nothing more than a kind of deadly deception.”

She said: “may try to Hezbollah leaders to change the subject by invoking speak empty so-called resistance, but the truth visible, fighters Hassan Nasrallah are now part of the killing machine of the lion and Hezbollah leaders continue to plot with Iran to take new measures to support the lion.”

Rice said that the United States encourages the international community to confront the “terrorist activities of Hezbollah,” and do more for “exposing the deep involvement of Hezbollah in the war-Assad.”

The U.S. Ambassador said the Syrian war period 19 months ago are now “a threat to all neighboring countries in the Middle East, including Lebanon,” which saw the cross-border attacks and an influx of Syrian refugees.

Rice commended the government and the armed forces in Lebanon “for their role in maintaining stability and order and the rule of law at this critical stage.”

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