Tunisia rejects U.S. official freedom-based violence

Posted on October 17, 2012


Jones is the first U.S. official to visit Tunisia after the events of the embassy last month
– October 02, 2012
Tunisia – AFP
Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Elizabeth Jones on Monday in Tunis, that Washington “can not support freedom of expression based on violence.”

Jones is the first U.S. official to visit Tunisia after militants attacked the embassy and the School of the Americas in the Tunisian capital on September 14 / September last, during protests over anti-Islam film. These events resulted in killing 4 protesters and wounding dozens.

Jones said in comments carried by TAP “has been Aivada quickly by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak to Tunisian officials on the events of 14 September / September last, and we await the results of investigations Tunisian authorities, and look forward to reach the government to know the perpetrators of the These events, and prosecute offenders under Tunisian law. ”

Also confirmed that Washington focused on combating extremism in any place of the world, referring to the talks in Congress and other U.S. institutions about “the possibility of freezing or suspension of American aid to countries that have been attacking embassies.

The U.S. official met with Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali and Secretary General of the ruling Islamic Renaissance Movement, and Mustapha Ben Jaafar Chairman of the National Constituent Assembly charged with drafting a new constitution.

And the National Constituent Assembly declared in a statement that Jones said during a meeting with Ben Jaafar that “the Tunisian leadership has absorbed the message that day drawn between freedom of expression as a form of democracy in this dynamic stage, and enforce the law when you take this freedom in other forms such as violence.”

Jones promised that the country continue to “help Tunisia as a friend to fight the economic and social challenges, and to contribute to the positive messages of hope sent to people Maker revolution.”

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