Pope confirms Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani’s refusal to offend Islam and appreciation for the support of Christians

Posted on October 17, 2012


Dr. Osama Mahdi

GMT 13:44 2012 Wednesday, October 17
Osama Mahdi: Pope Benedict XVI for the reference Iraq’s top Shi’ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani refused to offend Islam, expressing appreciation for the support and reference support for the country’s Christians and refusing to be targeted.

This came in a message from the Pope handed him the Vatican’s ambassador in Iraq Giorgio ينغوا during a visit today to the holy city of Najaf (160 km south of Iraq) at the head of a high-level delegation representing Iraq’s Christians.

The ambassador said in a press conference after meeting Sistani that his visit was “designed to provide a letter of Pope Benedict XVI to Sistani, and through him to the rest of the reference in Najaf, when he visited the Middle East in Lebanon a few weeks ago,” and that refusal which insulting Islam in the light of production of the film “innocent Muslims”.

He said the letter included appreciation and respect for the pope’s positions Sistani and support for the monotheistic religions in Iraq, especially Christians. He added that the nature of the visit to Najaf religious and fraternal, intended to “pride in the person of Mr. Sistani and adult references in Najaf and this visit calls to create a spirit of brotherhood and love among all religions.”

For his part, head of the Christian Endowment and other religions thunder Jalil Kachachi during a press conference that “Mr. Sistani always stand by Christians and recommendations to all the sons of the Iraqi people to stand shoulder to shoulder.”

He added that the delegation Christian transfer condemnation of what happened finally to offend Islam religion and His Messenger, “which all actions against our beliefs.” He stressed saying that “the Christian communities in Iraq refuse to offend the true Islamic religion and His Messenger, and otherwise offend our beliefs,” adding that Sistani “always stands with Christians, and recommend the Iraqi people to stand with them.”

The Christians of Iraq are subjected to murder and kidnapping targets and displacement since 2003, which led thousands of them to leave Iraq to neighboring Arab countries and other European.

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