Fortuño reiterates the call to vote “no” and statehood

Posted on October 12, 2012


October 12, 2012
The governor denied press parts attribute he supports the statesmen vote “yes” and “no” to the first question of the plebiscite
San Juan – Puerto Rico’s governor and president of the New Progressive Party, Luis Fortuño, today reiterated its call to all Puerto Ricans to vote “no” on the first question of the plebiscite on the status, which is held in conjunction with general election Nov. 6. He also called to vote for statehood in the second question.

“Only then Puerto Ricans achieve a clear message to Congress and the President, that Puerto Rico does not want to continue with the current territorial status and statehood like,” Fortuño said in a statement.

The governor denied press parts attribute expressions in the sense that it guarantees that statesmen vote “yes” and “no” to the first question seeks to know if Puerto Ricans want to maintain the current territorial political status. This was in response to the call of some sectors that indicated that voting “no” could be construed by Congress as a rejection of Puerto Ricans to the United States.

“I respect everyone’s opinion and respect freedom of the press and the editorial line of any radio station, newspaper or any means and that’s what I said. But I think it would be a mistake to miss the opportunity for the first time in our history it clear to Congress that Puerto Ricans do not want to remain a territory and we want equal treatment with other citizens living in the 50 states, including the millions of Puerto Ricans who have left the island and those seeking the benefits equal the current territorial status does not allow them to have, “Fortuño said while stating that the way to make a claim of statehood on November 6 is voting” no ” the first question for statehood in the second.

“There is no reason to be afraid. Voting “no” to the first question is not a vote against the United States. By contrast, voting “no” on the first question is a vote against continuing the current territorial status which allows us to discriminate as to our rights as American citizens, including voting for the President, have full representation in Senate and House of Representatives and the allocation of federal funds on par with the rest of American citizens, including Puerto Ricans living in the 50 states. A NO vote is a vote to get the true permanent bond and guarantee American citizenship for future generations, “the leading statesman.

According to Fortuño, vote “yes” or vote “yes” and “no” while only benefits those who defend the current colonial status and could be construed by Congress as a rejection of statehood and otherwise decolonization.

“I make an appeal to the statesmen not to let this moment pass. I have no doubt that statehood will win the second question. But if statesmen vote “yes” on the first question, or vote “yes” and “no”, which will encourage Congress is confused about what we really want Puerto Ricans. To claim that our statehood is strong, we must first tell Congress that first question that we do not want the territorial status we have now. This is an opportunity that waited Barbosa and Luis A. Ferré and we can not disappoint. Every statesman has an obligation to history and to our future generations to reject the settlement and claim equality and simple way is, in the view of status Nov. 6 must vote “no” on the first question for statehood in the second, “he said Fortuño.

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