Clinton: Support for democratic change in the Arab world “strategic necessity”

Posted on October 12, 2012


GMT 20:10 2012 Friday, October 12
Washington: confirmed U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday that the United States’ support for the democratization process in the Arab countries has become a “strategic necessity” for Washington.

Clinton said at a press conference in Washington on democracy in the Arab world “for the United States, the support of democratization processes rather than ideals. It is a strategic necessity.”

Two years after the start of the Arab Spring from Tunisia While the United States has been supporting for decades dictatorial regimes in the Arab world, and U.S. Secretary promised that her country will not again such a “bad choice between freedom and stability.”

She added, “will not pull never our support for democracies emerging in the time that is complicated when things”, referring to the demonstrations against the United States and witnessed by the Arab and Muslim world in September and punctuated by violence against U.S. interests was Alfdhaa in Libya, killing four Americans including the ambassador.

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