U.S. could attack Iran before 6:11

Posted on October 11, 2012


Wednesday, 10/10/2012 14:37
President Barack Obama and his colleagues are considering the possibility of a military strike against Iran just before the U.S. presidential elections – plans to hold on 6.11.

Weekly U.S. Foreign Policy in the latest claim, here is the information “very reliable” from the White House and the Washington government officials close just returned to visit the Middle East.

Accordingly, Washington is already in the hands of military plans to attack Iran “very specific” to every detail and all the preparation for this campaign is complete, and the battle will be fired only a few minutes after receiving the order .

Weekly on to say that Washington wants to show Tehran that all non-military measures so long against Iran had no role in the work force it to halt its nuclear program controversial. Therefore, now is the time for the U.S. to act as “actual demand”, not dependent on the results of the dialogue (with Iran).

The source said, according to calculations by President Obama, this stage is “most appropriate” for the U.S. to attack Iran, and hoped the attack would entice American voters vote in the election to.

9:10, interview with a foreign television channel broadcast in Persian, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad first voice that does not exclude the possibility of imminent war with his country.

He asserts that, not when Iran opened fire fight, but it always firmly defend its territorial sovereignty.

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