Turkey intensified shelling of the town of Syria and says it will defend its borders

Posted on October 11, 2012


Turkey stepped up retaliatory artillery shelling of the town of Syria border on Thursday, killing several Syrian soldiers while Turkey’s parliament approved on further military action in the event of conflict exceeded the Syrian border again.
Beshir said Atalay Turkish Deputy Prime Minister said Damascus apologized through the United Nations for the bombing that killed five civilians in southeast Turkey on Wednesday, and said that such an incident will not be repeated in a bid to ease the most serious escalation of cross-border campaign the Syrian government to suppress uprising since 18 months.
And Russia, a strong ally of Syria that it had received confirmation from Damascus that the mortar attack was a tragic accident.
However, the Turkish government said that the “act of aggression” by the Syrian army against the territory became a serious threat to its national security and parliament approved the deployment of Turkish troops outside the border if necessary.
He said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan The primary objective of delegation of parliament is deterrence.
He told a news conference in Ankara, “We like Turkey do not want only peace and security in our region. Can never be interested in something like ignite a war. War Vtdaaaat and clear in Iraq and Afghanistan. ”
Erdogan pointed out that the bombing was the eighth such attack comes from Syria, but previous incidents have not caused only material damage ignored Damascus Ankara warnings in this regard.
“The Turkish Republic is able to defend its citizens and its borders. And must not try a test our resolve on this matter. ”
And Russia blocked the United Nations to adopt a draft statement condemning the bombing of the Syrian town Okakali and proposed text calls for “restraint” on the border without reference to violations of international law.

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