The Tawhid and Jihad movement in West Africa calls to defeat the invading infidel armies

Posted on October 11, 2012


Khobar – Novell Berdai
Thursday, October 11, 2012
The group said in a statement, signed by the emir, Abu al-Walid Desert, “Vleoffr Malian President and his allies false call to negotiate, we are not who يخيره ilk and we do not have Mantfawd because the Lord has ordered us Abjahadehm creations even religion is all for Allah.”

The dissident movement called for al-Qaeda, Muslims in Mali and neighboring countries to “support the Mujahideen and the defeat of the invading infidel armies sword and spear including heals the believers. Until God separates between us and our enemies.”

The group said, “The actions carried out by the French in order to obtain a decision from the UN Security Council supports the military option for a war of Islam in northern Mali, not only episode of spiteful crusade to the religion of the Holy Prophet and his law glue.”

The statement that “international crusade pay France to carry the banner of the cross, in the war of explicit and declared against Islamic law,” adding that what he called the Crusaders found “Holland appropriate to fight a war in the north fiscal name of fighting terrorism just like what he claimed his predecessor Bush in his war on Islam in Afghanistan Iraq and Yemen. ”

The statement said, quoting a media source, that this scheme “is no longer ينطلى on the minds of Muslims, especially after it became clear parameters of the conflict with the forces of infidelity and their helpers from global systems falsely calculated on Islam.”

The French jihadist al-Qaeda warned French President Francois Hollande, the consequences of war on the north of Mali, to expel armed groups that dominate the region since the fall of the regime of President Amadou Toumani Toure in the month of March.

Said Abdul Jalil, who appears in the record photographer for the first time, Mkhatabaalris French, Holland, and Barack Obama and the United Nations that “the military intervention in the Sahel, especially in northern Mali would be a humanitarian disaster,” adding that he would turn the “resistance legitimate to those in Afghanistan and Palestine.”

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