President of the Hashemite University, U.S. Ambassador discuss cooperation

Posted on October 11, 2012


President of the Hashemite University, U.S. Ambassador discuss cooperation
Blue October 11 (Petra) – President of the Hashemite University Dr. Kamal Bani Hani with the U.S. ambassador in Amman, Stuart Jones of joint cooperation, especially in academic fields.

During the meeting, which took place at the Hashemite University today reviewed a number of issues related to cooperation research and academic between the two sides, and open new horizons of cooperation that focuses on the importance of youth development campus, including contributing to the development and the development of society as well as to develop the scientific and academic exchange visits Scientific between faculty members and sending students for master’s and doctoral degrees in disciplines needed by colleges and institutes of the university and take advantage of the scholarships offered by U.S. universities and institutions.

The ambassador expressed the embassy’s willingness to open new cooperation horizons with the Hashemite University, referring to the increasing number of students wishing to study Arabic language program within the university to learn Arabic to non-native speakers.

Jones stressed the importance of exploiting the opportunities for scholarships and increase the Hashemite University students within the program “Fulbright”, in addition to activating the role of the American corner at the Hashemite University and provide more of the services provided by the students and faculty members and the community.

For his part, Bani Hani importance of such meetings that provide opportunities for the exchange of information and experiences and the most prominent scientific and academic developments taking place in the world, thus contributing to the strengthening of existing relations of cooperation between the Hashemite University and American universities and institutes.

And Dr. Bani Hani briefing on the most prominent achievements of the University of outstanding achievements in the fields of scientific and academic as well as investment projects that began the university implemented, referring to pursue university to raise the efficiency of its graduates by teaching them to use the latest technologies and train students on the latest scientific instruments advanced in the world , in addition to training in local institutions and factories and various world including give them many of the skills that will enable them to compete in the labor market and differentiate them from the others.

He also met with the U.S. ambassador to a number of students who attend the American corner events at the university, and he answered the questions and concerns of students, which focused on investment opportunities in Jordan and ways to achieve more progress and prosperity of the Jordanian economy.

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