Israel says that “Hezbollah” has hundreds of UAVs

Posted on October 11, 2012


Hess Lex France 10/09/2012 13:41:00
Sources in the Israeli Military Intelligence Division that “Hezbollah” has hundreds of Lebanese drones, Russian-made, and each can carry explosives, also can be used to hit targets inside Israel. The sources said the estimates available to it indicates that these aircraft models are old and outdated.

And Israel’s Channel Ten quoted on Oct. 8 / October, Israeli military sources as saying that Hezbollah possesses hundreds of drones, some of which can be downloaded with explosives.

The Almassadriqaúlh added that the ability of “Hezbollah” on the use of drones is not new, but its ability to be used is not entirely clear to the Israeli intelligence, it is clear that these aircraft operate over long distances.

A report for the tenth channel that aircraft owned by “Hezbollah” may be used by many armies and outdated and out of the service, noting that it is manufactured aircraft of this type in Russia and Iran. The report said the raises fear Israel by military intelligence assessments is that these planes are converted so that it becomes capable of carrying large explosives.

The unmanned reconnaissance aircraft penetrated the atmosphere of Israel last Saturday, then said Israeli military sources she Iranian-made and that the “Party of God” sent for the purpose of gathering information. The plane managed to fly a distance and reached 100 kilometers above the installations and Israeli military bases.

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