In Damascus, a bomb exploded in front of the Ministry of Education

Posted on October 11, 2012


12/10/2012 1:53
BEIRUT, October 12. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Zelenin /. A powerful bomb exploded Thursday night in Damascus, next to the Ministry of Higher Education. As reported by the news Suriya al-Ain, injuring several people who were in the area areas Baramki Dzhamarik and at that precise moment.

Channel “Orient ti-vi” reports that militants were trying to undermine a car bomb in the building standing nearby military prosecutor, where to pass sentence of arrested members of armed groups. Independent sources can not yet determine the losses and material damage. Blast area surrounded by security forces.

In Aleppo area of ​​militants released Keram al-Jabal in the eastern outskirts of the city. After completing his army sweeps occur on a large militant stronghold in the Shaar. In the center of the army special forces repelled the rebels attempt to gain a foothold in the old quarter in Great Umayyad Mosque, Syrian troops prevented by armed extremists desecrate the building of the Catholic Archdiocese. On the outskirts of the city are fierce fighting near the airfield in Neirab. CHP near the Kfar Aleppo troops destroyed battalion “Ansar al-Haq”, consisting of mercenaries Islamists, who led two dangerous terrorist – morocco Faisal al-Zubeidi / citizen of Qatar / Saudi and nicknamed “Abu Bilal.”

As reported by the news agency SANA, north of Aleppo, gunmen shot and killed a member of the National Council / Parliament / Mohammed al-Masha. At his home in Manbadzhe, around the city, rushed 50 gunmen who massacred over a deputy.

TV station “Al-Jazeera” reports that the rebels of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” continue to hold in their hands the five-kilometer section of the highway near the Damascus-Aleppo city Maarat-Naaman / province of Idlib /. This area tightened government troops, the Syrian Air Force strike blows air on the positions of rebel forces.

New armed incident occurred Thursday at the Lebanese-Syrian border checkpoint at al-Arida. The shelling, which were militants on the border outpost, killing eight Syrian workers were returning by bus from Lebanon. Another 8 people taken to hospital in the city of Tartus, the agency SANA.

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