Czech Young Communists Union: Syria Foiled US Scheme in the Region

Posted on October 11, 2012


Oct 11, 2012
PRAGUE, (SANA)– The Union of the Young Communists of Czechoslovakia stressed that Syria has achieved lots of successes as it foiled the US scheme which aims at undermining its progressive government and substituting it with another regime loyal to the US before the American Presidential elections.

The Union added in a comment posted on its website on Thursday, that the Syrian leadership hindered the US project in the region, therefore the US President Barack Obama is unable to show any positive outcomes in the foreign policy field in his election campaign.

The Union slammed the Turkish government saboteur role in the crisis in Syria through training and financing the armed terrorist groups and sending them to Syria, describing the latest Turkish moves against Syria as “provocative”.

It considered the Turkish Parliament’s decision to send military forces outside Turkey as a flagrant violation of the UN charter, particularly the principle of non-interference in the countries’ internal affairs and non-use of military force.

The Czechoslovakia Union hailed the high fighting capability of the Syrian Arab Army, asserting that the NATO and the Turkish government seek to weaken this Army through dragging it to fight on several fronts as it is confronting the terrorists inside Syria, while at the same time there are those who want to drag it to a war with the NATO.

The Union called on Russia and China to put an end to the Turkish government’s excessiveness against Syria through threatening punitive measures against it.

H. Zain/ H. Said

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