Afghanistan: 8 women killed in NATO bombing

Posted on October 11, 2012


The MAP: 2012-09-16 No.: 2765
Eight women were killed in a night bombing of NATO, while collecting wood in Laghman province, east of Kabul, a local official said Sunday Afghan.

Eight others were injured in the bombing attack in the morning near the village of Dilaram in the remote district of Alingar.

The ISAF, the NATO armed forces, said the voice of one of its spokesman that it “came to realize” have caused the death of “5-8 Afghans” during a bombing that destroyed a “large number of insurgents.”

In addition, the Governor of Laghman appointed a commission to investigate the operation was described as unilateral and uncoordinated with Afghan forces, according Zwak Sarhadi, a provincial spokesman.

Dozens of men came to Mihtarlam, the provincial capital, carrying the bodies of some of the victims, and marched to the governor’s office, shouting “Death to America, death to Jews.”

The MAP: 2012-09-16 No.: 2765

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