Warning of Iranian quest to influence U.S. officials

Posted on October 10, 2012


The Iranian Intelligence Ministry has launched a website confirmed Washington’s attempt to destabilize
Wednesday – 10 October 2012
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Launched the Iranian Intelligence Ministry recently, a website warned that the United States seeks to influence some senior officials in the country and pay them to lose their enthusiasm and steadfastness in the face of international pressure.

The ministry said the Iranian intelligence in its “The Americans are trying to create conditions conducive to the spread sense of dissatisfaction in the ranks of officials in the system, and push them to demand a change strategy the country’s foreign, and particularly in relation to the nuclear program or create reasons for differences among officials about how to continue this program and confront the West “.

The Web site published a report titled “U.S. National Intelligence Committee and the impact on the Iranian nuclear program”, refers to the “U.S. plots against Iran”, as alleged by the site.

The site also said that “America is seeking to formulate a new scenario in order to bring political chaos within the major institutions of the state and among system administrators, in order to push the Iranian people into frustration and loss of hope of solving these problems.”

The site explained that “the Iranian regime still enjoy harmony and discipline enough to solve all its problems.”

The warnings while criticizing the conservatives in Iran President Ahmadinejad and the ring close to him in the government, and accuse him of working to influence Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to accept the conditions imposed by the West representative group “five plus one” on Iran to halt its nuclear program in Like uranium enrichment controversial compared to ease international sanctions imposed on Iran.

The Web site said “the British proposed to the Americans to exploit the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for June of next year, and work on finding differences between fundamentalist currents whose candidates compete in the upcoming elections.”

The site also warned that he called American schemes seeking to exploit the frustration of citizens and dissatisfaction of the poor economic conditions and pay them to make a mess and get out in the demonstrations in order to destabilize the security and stability of the country.

He warned Site citizens who he described Bmthre strife, and in reference to the current reform, of seeking to exploit the economic crisis and the poor living conditions experienced by the Iranian people, and it urged them to take to the streets and protest the economic conditions experienced by the country due to international sanctions imposed on Iran.

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