U.S. force in Jordan in anticipation of a loose “chemical” Syria

Posted on October 10, 2012


Help the kingdom in the face of an influx of refugees and the distribution of aid to them
– 10 October 2012
Washington – AFP
An official at the Pentagon that the United States deployed about 150 military in Jordan to help the kingdom in the face of the flow of Syrian refugees and prepare for scenarios include loss of control over chemical weapons.

The official, who requested anonymity, said the force deployed in a training center belonging to the Jordanian army, about 50 kilometers from the Syrian border.

The U.S. official statement to confirm the newspaper “New York Times”, on Wednesday, sending the U.S. military special force to Jordan to prepare for scenarios include loss of control over chemical weapons in Syria.

The driving force of the 150 element comprises planners and specialists, a senior U.S. officer, and is considering ways to prevent the expansion of power patch bloody Syrian conflict to the Jordanian border.

It also works at the center north of Amman within 55 km of the border, making it the closest point a U.S. military presence to the conflict zone.

The newspaper said that U.S. and Jordanian officials discussed the establishment of a humanitarian buffer zone on the Syrian side of the border Jordanian forces assume control of U.S. support, but they changed their minds this idea now.
Coordinate assistance to refugees

The American power goes on most of her time in helping Jordan to coordinate food aid, water and other essential services to refugees arriving in its territory.

The riot police in Jordan had earlier this month fired tear gas to disperse the Syrian refugees camp in the north of the country after the burning tents and destroying property to protest their living conditions.

Said Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said more than 200 thousand Syrian refugees crossed into Jordan since the start of the uprising in Syria 18 months ago.

And home to many of the refugees in temporary housing in the city of Ramtha (north), near the border with Syria or with relatives or friends were in the Kingdom, in addition to about 34 thousand refugees in the camp Zaatari, which opened at the end of July last year.

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